***The Princess Purse Diaries***

  1. Hi Guys:balloon: here are some of my bags, these are my favorites.

    this was my first ever designer bag. my boss gave me a gift card to blooimingdale's for $100 for Christmas and they had this little Fendi (the one in the back) on sale. it is the really old style so i guess thats why it was so inexpensive. i was just so happy to have a Fendi! i had seen all the other women and girls who would come into to my job with their beautiful bags and i never thought i'd be like them and have one too:love: it had a really long strap but i cut it off and now i use iit as a makeup bag or a clutch [​IMG]

    then a few years later my DH bought me this bigger Fendi bag for Christmas. originally he went into LV but they were alittle rude to him so he went to Fendi on 5th and they were really nice to him so....he came home with her:smile: [​IMG]
    i really could not get over that this bag was mine and i never used it for a few years bc i was scared to ruin it. then when i found tPf & forget it! lets just say i learned alot from you guys!! now this is my everyday bag!!
    sometimes in stores people have asked me to touch it..i have no idea why:confused1: except that is it soo soft and maybe now i realize they want to see if its real?
  2. my next bag was this Judith Leiber:love: i am so in love with this bag, its like a work of art to me.. i bought it for my wedding at The Water Club. i didn't care at all about my dress, all i cared was that i carry a Judith Lieber bag.
    that had been my dream since i first discovered Vogue magazine when i was 10.
    i didn't have alot of money so i looked on eBay and found her [​IMG]
    the clasp is TdF [​IMG]
    IRL it is amazing:heart: the crystals sparkle so much:love:

    the woman i bought it from lived on park ave and she let me come and pick it up from her. it was the first thing i bought off eBay i realize now i was very lucky. the woman who sold it to me said she was crying bc she was so happy i was going to use it for my wedding.:smile:

    that same day i was so happy i stopped in the judith lieber boutique on madison & guess who was standing there??

    Judith herself!:nuts: i swear i almost fainted! she was so nice to me and i showed her my bag and she was really excited for me! that was one of the best days of my life:tender:
  3. the next Christmas my DH bought me my first LV, the Deauville. i am now obsessed with LV! that is how i found TpF I just wanted to know more... AnYthing about Vuitton...how to care for it.... anything!! i am soo so so happy here!

    since i joined here i am truly addicted.....i've purchased the mini pleaty:love: [​IMG]
    and the rose agenda :love: [​IMG]

    and here's my family..so far:drinkup: [​IMG]
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  5. ^^ thanks Swanky:smile:sorry i got so excited to post my showcase i did it Very Wrongly :shame:
  6. Great collection.
  7. thank you the glamorous:love: i'm so excited i keep messing up my showcase:upsidedown:
  8. I LOVE the story of your wedding purse. That will be one you can pass down to your children and grandchildren! All your pieces are lovely.
  9. ^^same@
  10. nice collection, love that Judith Lieber bag. It really must be tdf in real life!
  11. Adorable collection and for the JL... that story is for a lifetime, I love it! Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  12. nice collection
  13. Beautiful collection, and I love that you have a story behind each piece!
  14. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  15. :smile: Casto, aarti & branded its so funny bc i am such a worrywart that bc my bag was from eBay i was worried it wasen't real and thats why i went to the JL boutique. I was so embarrassed to ask the SA to authenticate it but i finally got up the courage and asked the SA.

    she smiled and said hold on a minute and she went over to an older woman in the corner....she came back over to me with the woman and said "Judith, this younge lady was wondering if this bag was real?" and they started laughing but honesty not in a condesending way...and she said "oh, yes this is very real" I really almost fainted bc I LoVe her bags, I admire her so much.... I couldn't even believe i had an actual JL never mind meeting her!!

    I would love to pass it on someday...the woman who i bought it from said she had hoped her daughter would want it but she didn't...she must be nuts :shrugs:

    xoakixo, allbrands, shopalot & carrie thanks so much:love: