"The Pouch"

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  1. I looked at several colors Saturday in the Dallas boutique.
    I went with the Black butter calf leather.
    They had a beautiful Orange that looked so nice, but decided it was not to be.

    I also saw the color “Cork” and was not at all impressed with that color.
    It reminded me of “cat vomit.”
    Sorry if this offends anyone, it just was plain “blah!”
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  2. cat vomit. I saw it at my boutique as well and I agree it just doesn’t look right AND it’s very stiff IMO. I love my black butter calf pouch and to me it makes it more edgy and cool in a sense, because everyone everywhere seems to have it in that tan color... Congrats!!!
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  3. Is anyone finding it difficult to incorporate their large pouch into their routine? I’m having a hard time figuring out what occasions to use mine for. I’m so accustomed to using bags with shoulder straps that I’m finding the pouch rather perplexing (as my only experience with clutches has been for evening, and the pouch feels a bit too large & casual for evening imho). How are you using yours?
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  4. #290 Nov 12, 2019
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    I wear pouches fairly often and tend to wear my shoulder bags as clutches all the time so I don't find it so hard. But indeed, you do not have the versatility of a strap, so it is something that you need to keep in mind. It is true it is not an evening bag and it is not a bag you throw inside a bigger tote, as I do with other pouches...

    That said, I have taken mine to diner parties. I have also grabbed it to go for coffee with a friend and a quick stroll around town. I haven't had it so long and it rains all the time, so haven't taken it yet to work, but I will too, it is very roomy. I expect these are the sort of occasions I will be using it for. As long as you are not required to carry it for hours, as in when travelling for example, it should be fine.
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  5. This is why I didn’t buy it. And also out of the fear that, the bag being so big, I would be tempted to fill it up and get tired of holding it in my fingers. I opted for the Pouch 20 in burgundy
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  6. That's the exact assortment of sizes. hahaha. I hated this one at first, but now I love it. especially on. Overfilled it won't look as good.
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  7. That sounds gorgeous!
    I was wondering what fits inside your pouch?
    I just received mine and cannot fit my iPhone 7 Plus inside without risk of stretching it.
  8. hi ladies.. if you have the pouch 20.. i’m wondering what would fits inside it..? cause some pictures seems to fit a lot.. yet some says its too small.
    will it be possible to fit sunglass, passport, iphone x, small wallet and pocket tissue..? cause those would be my essentials
    thank you..
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  9. I love the look of the large pouch but like others I am wondering if it will be practical to wear. I might be interested in the smaller one but that depends on if I can get my things in without cramming them in. I love the look of the buttery calf. So many questions I know. What are the measurements of the smaller one? I have enjoyed reading all your comments & seeing the pics.
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  10. Hi, I have the smaller pouch 20. I love it! The measurements are on the website -but they are deceptive since the closing mechanism takes up space inside. I can fit my iPhone 7 Plus and my Chanel O pouch. You do have to push these to the side of the bag- phone on one side, pouch on the other. The leather is super buttery on the smooth leather one, but I also just got the small intrecciato too and it is extremely soft and adorable:smile::smile:
    Hi, I can fit my iPhone 7 Plus and my Chanel O pouch inside. I cannot fit my sunglasses without risk if them getting smooshed. You do have to put the items in strategically to each side so the closing mechanism doesn’t get in the way.
    I can fit my key pouch in if I do it carefully, but if it’s over full it pops open:smile:
  11. Sorry for my superlate reply...
    Yes, I am still very happy with my pouch! I do not use it as an everyday bag, but I do use it for dinners out, errands and shopping in weekends etc.
    I am the type of person that enjoy top handle bags and have therefore no issues with this pouch beeing practical or not. To me it has a top handle (the metal tube piece), and at the same time can easily go under my arm when I need to be hands free. I mean it is what it is - and that is why many of us loves it. If I need a bag with shoulder strap, I just choose another bag in my closet!
    I am excited about which one you chose - can’t go wrong with any of them!
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  12. Loved my black one so much I had to scoop up another in rust!

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  13. Sadly, I don’t think the pouch 20 will fit your essentials. The sunglasses put it over.

    Here’s an image with items in it. B1C389D5-59C2-42B7-ABD4-48C813CE4018.jpeg

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  14. Beautiful picture.
    This really captures the capacity of what the bag can hold!