The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. Dinner tonight with the hubby for our 17th wedding anniversary. I wore my green Tahitians intertwined with my 9.5-10mm white Akoya strand & Tanzanite, diamond & green pearl drop earrings.
  2. cdtracing you look adorable! Happy Anniversary!
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  3. Tahitians at brunch today.
    multi Tahitian stack.jpg
  4. Simply breathtaking! :biggrin:
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  5. Very hot & humid today...all this week in fact. So I just wore my carved Tahitian pendant & earrings.
    carved Tahitians.jpg
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  6. Freshwater strand and Akoya studs

    Attached Files:

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  7. Have never seen a carved Tahitian!
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  8. I took a pearl and a gold chain to my jeweler and asked him to make me a floating pearl necklace. I’m sure he will need to google it! I’m waiting for a call to ask for details!
    I realized I had all the materials to make one. After trying to drill a pearl and scratching the heck out of it, I gave up. Thus my trip to the jeweler. Lol
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  9. Can't wait to see it!!
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  10. The pendant I've had for a few years. The earrings I just got this month from my friend, David Norman, an Australian wholesaler. Carved pearls have been around for a while.
  11. I didn’t even notice the earrings until you said something...I was admiring the carved Tahitian pendant wondering how they do that!
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  12. It's all done by hand. There are people who specialize in carving pearls. David got me the earrings for me because I needed yellow gold since the pendant is in yellow gold. They're very green in orient & have wonderful luster. The carvings are different on each pearl.
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  13. Headed to dinner wearing my new 12-16mm round Tahitian pastel strand I got for my birthday! Paired with diamond & platinum Tahitian drop earrings. 20190630_175940.jpg
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  14. Holy gumballs, cd!!! Beautiful.. you and your birthday necklace. Happy birthday!
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  15. Truly magnificent!
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