The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. big and beautiful. You are rocking your pearls! I just started summer break and am living in my pjs until 10am! I did wear my wilma flintstone edisons to church on Sunday! I am going to order a floating pearl pendant soon. I think it will be perfect for summer.
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  2. Thanks so much! :biggrin: I love it that you call that strand Wilma Flintstone :biggrin: Will you be ordering your floating pearl necklace from Sakura?
  3. Gorgeous blue, SD!! I would like to have earrings like that!!!! Did you buy it locally or order online?
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  4. I have gotten a quote from her but I like the ones from Wen and her chains are 18k. So I’m leaning towards Wen. I also looked on Amazon just because you get are faster. I’ll share once I decide. I’m trying to decide between a larger fwp and smaller Akoya.
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  5. upload_2019-6-4_13-20-4.jpeg
    I like the connectors on the ends. I don’t like the chain just going through the pearl. This pic looks a bit more finished.
  6. Yes, connectors are the way to go. I didn't realise that at first and now I have to glue them on 5 Tahitians of mine haha - the connectors have been waiting to be connected for a month now while I gather the courage to do so
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  7. Thanks so much! :biggrin: Done both online and locally - the pearl was ordered online from this Etsy store and I did the setting at a local jewelry store in my home country :biggrin:
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  8. Fun fireball necklace to dinner tonight. Paired it with WSS diamond earrings & soufflé bracelet from Sakura.
    fireball necklace.jpg fireball necklace 1.jpg
  9. That's an interesting face on your necklace :biggrin:
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  10. It's a pave CZ panther with green eyes.
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  11. Aaaah! Now I see it! Beautifully done! :biggrin:
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  12. I love it, and the lipstick too! What colour/brand is it?
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  13. Thank you!!! :heart:
    It’s dior lip maximizer and Dior lip glow in raspberry! :flowers:
  14. Hot so I paired my multicolor FW strand with my pink FW drops necklace.
    pink pearls.jpg
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  15. One of my favorite pearls

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