The PANDORA thread

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  1. Do you find you get any damage to your charms after time? I would love to just leave the bracelet on All the time!
  2. Not that I know of *knock on wood* I think it helps bc from my experience when I take silver jewelry off it starts to get rusty real quick so giving it a bath everyday keeps it shiny and clean. I've had it for a few months now though so not sure what would happen over long term.
  3. I leave mine on for weeks at a time with no issues. The only thing I have concern about are the oxy bracelet and necklace since apparently those tend to fade after some time
  4. I said I wasn’t going to but I caved to the sale and ordered six charms and the wildflower bracelet. My first two murano charms are included
  5. Hi guys just to update about the gold bracelet if anyone is interested and living in the UK. Apparently it is exactly the same price in Bicester as the shops! They said the reason is that it is the same as what is being sold in pandora right now. I mean that makes no sense as they had the two tone clasp for £100 less at the same time as it was being sold in shops. I don’t think it’s meant to be for me
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  6. I wear mine almost everyday. I also clean my bracelet once a month myself.[emoji4]
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  7. HI Everyone,
    I am new to Pandora and would like to buy some new charms. Is there an EBay seller that you all trust? Where besides the Pand
  8. Anyone ever lose a bracelet? I lost mind. Looked everywhere. I’m so heartbroken. My hubby offered to get me a new one but I couldn’t. The one I had meant so much and I can’t imagine not having it. I want those charms back and I can’t buy the same ones because I have hoped of finding it. :sad:
  9. I’m so sorry! Did yours have a safety chain on it? My friend lost hers and was devastated. She only wore it on special occasions and was so careful with it. Perhaps you can get a different bracelet and make some new sentimental memories with that one? I have had to do that before but not with pandora.
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  10. I buy a lot from RueLaLa
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  11. I did. That’s why I believe it’s at home. I pretty sure I would notice dropping it since i had the safety chain. Only wore it once in a while. Sigh.
  12. One of mine had the bracelet part completely slip out of the end cap, making my safety chain useless because it slid right out of the chain when it fell off my wrist. I had no idea it came off because, luckily, it draped over the arm of my desk chair at work and was sitting there waiting for me when I came back from making copies. Boy was I surprised to see it there! It only had three charms and the chain so I didn’t notice it came off. So I can understand how you didn’t notice yours fell off at first either. I hope it turns up.
  13. Rue la la. I think they're the only authorized discounter. I don't trust eBay. Too many fakes. They show up on Rue la la every month or two and they're 40% off, sometimes they run them 60% off.
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  14. My simple stack 20180321_091232.jpg
  15. My sales buys arrived. Three are old charms I moved over to the new bracelet and the free range rainbow murano is for a bracelet yet to be made.

    The teapot is bigger than expected and it’s bird detail is almost too small to recognize as a bird. the snail is really cute.


    I hate the wildflower bracelet. It is next to impossible to hook on my own. It doesn’t open wide enough to get the end in without force. Off my wrist, using both hands, it was hard. One handed trying to clasp it around my wrist took ten minutes. Is anyone else had it, please let me know if it is this hard for you or if mine is defective. TIA.
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