The Novak...your thoughts

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  1. I've been thinking hard about a red Alexander McQueen, Novak but have never seen the bag in person. Does anyone have that bag? Other than NAP; where can you buy it? What do you like/dislike about it?:blink:
  2. Ginger, if you do a search and look up Novak on the forum, you will find a lot of rave reviews for it from previous thread discussions, mine included. I decided against it in the end...I like the LV red alma bag more personally....kinda similar.....

  3. i want a novak! but seems NAP is sold out... i can't decide between the brown and red though. but i love the design. i haven't seen one in person though, just based on pictures.
  4. I am really trying to fall in love with this bag, haven't seen it in person though.
  5. I never seen it in person but the bag seems very sophisticated looking bag and very dressy. Can you go casual with it? Just wonder..:smile: .
  6. thats what I was wondering too - does it look good casual?.....
  7. Doesn't someone here have it on their bag showcase? It's the person with five or so really stellar bags. I cannot remember who...can someone help me? I remember that we were all impressed by her unique collection.
  8. Aaah, yes. It's Madison. Check out her showcase. Isn't that a red Novak?
  9. it's lovely!!
  10. Oh let me check it out...I'd love to see one in person. It is really talking to me. ;)
  11. Now Fayden.... if you order it remember we'll make a deal when you get bag bulimia.:nuts: :lol: :idea: :love:
  12. Oh yes that's what has me thinking about the Novak. Did you hear that Vlad & Megs it's all your fault???? :love: :P
  13. It is gorgeous, Ginger. I haven't seen it in person yet either but have been lusting after it since I first laid eyes on it in a magazine....
  14. The Novak quickly grew on me, especially the green croc one, the red was lovely too, I haven't seen it in person though. Let us know Ginger!