The Meaning of Bleu Nuit...

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  1. When I heard the name of this new vernis color I kinda laughed to myself. In Quebec, Canada (and possibly in Ontario?) there is a late show called Bleu Nuit that is bassically softcore porn. Didn't LV do research before picking this name? or did they want some kind of hidden meaning to it? I'm not sure how sales for this color will do in Quebec either. Nonetheless "blue night" is fitting for the gorgeous color and it wont stop me from buying something from this line. Just wanted the rest of you to know its meaning in my neck of the woods ;)
  2. HAHA that's funny and dirty at the same time. XP
  3. I haven't seen any pics of the blue yet....but I will now
  4. Haha.. :graucho:
  5. LOL!!!!!l!
  6. LOL! That's good to know!
  7. wow, thanks for the info. :smile:
  8. Now I'll feel like a dirty girl when I carry my Bleu Nuit Wilshire. That's hot. Like wearing fabulous lingerie.
  9. hehe:smile:
  10. omg that is too funny....def a gorgeous color!
  11. Lol!
  12. LOL that´s funny!!! I don´t think that they know it and if you translate it correct it means "nightblue". However, let´s feel dirty, girls!:angel:
  13. That's a funny story. Wont hold me back from buying a piece in that color!
  14. LOL thats why the name sounded familiar!! too funny
  15. Ha ha!