The look of damier (opinions please?)

  1. So I've finally settled on a Damier Speedy 25. :yahoo::tender: :girlsigh: :cutesy::nuts:

    I really wanted a monogram one, but I see SO MANY fake monogram bags around here that I didn't want to carry one that screams "ASK ME IF I'M FAKE!" kwim?

    My question to you all--

    I'm a brand whore. I'll totally admit it. This is going to be my first new piece of LV (all my other stuff is/was at least 3 years old) and I really like touting the brand. Do you think people will see it and immediately recognize it as LV?

    What do you think of damier? Does it go with a lot? I thought it'd be a great fall-winter bag....

    Is anyone else shallow like me, or am I alone?
  2. Have the Damier Speedy 25 and love it! People will know right away its authentic and LV, for Damier line is so popular now. You made a great choice and it goes with everthing! Many PF members also feel is can be carried casual as well as dress unlike the regular monogram which is more casual! Congratulations!
  3. I have the saleya. I don't think most people in my area recognize it to be LV, which I like at times. BUT people in the "know" will know. I have had many ladies say "love your Louis" or something like that when I am carrying it (most of the time these are SA at the mall or other people interested in fashion and brands). But I don't think the average joe is going to know its an LV.
  4. People who know the brand will know what it is. That's all that matters, if you're into that kind of thing.
  5. GOOD. Because while I love the LV brand, I carry Coach bags all the time and if I hear "OMG IS THAT REAL?!" one more time, I'm gonna :bagslap:
  6. LOL.. I don't think you will have that problem with Damier. It is much more incognito which is fun!
  7. I really like damier right now. I'm thinking about getting a Damier Pochette soon. You made a good choice :smile:
  8. I think damier will be a great choice, no vachetta to worry about and it will last forever. Anyone who knows their LV will be able to spot your bag in a second, and anyone who thinks it's fake doens't matter.
  9. :yes::yes::yes: ITA!!! Love Damier, too!
  10. Damier looks great AND wears beautifully! I have a Saleya PM and I used it all the time on business travel.

    Yep, bag fanatics will know it's LV alright!

    Congrats on your new Speedy!
  11. lv damier 25 is my current favorite lv. people who know handbags know what it is, others may not.
  12. I have a Damier Speedy 25 and it is a wonderful bag for fall and winter. I'm right on Lake Erie and our winters here can be a bit brutal. It's so nice to have a bag that I don't need to worry about getting dirty and that has no vachetta.
  13. The speedy 25 is a great bag.
  14. My favorite damier piece is my duomo. I wear her with casual attire on the weekends or suits on the weekdays, pairing it with any color I am wearing. It's LV, it 'goes' with everything IMO...
  15. Good, another person visiting from the Coach forum :yes:. I also ofen like some logos, but I am going to get either the Damier Speedy or the Mini Lin. I have just seen too many mono fakes and I want there to be no doubt I am supporting the brand by buying a real bag.