The Loewe Puzzle

Oct 30, 2015
Loewe is probably not as popular in some countries. ...which is why it doesn't even have a dedicated club in this forum....😑
But I'm quite loving this, do you think this bag looks good on me?
But for the price of about USD2700, should I just get a more recognisable brand, say LV, or just get this for something unique? What say you??


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I like the puzzle style--fun, yet workable.
Saw suede version irl, close to your choice.
Very nice, in photo.

For me, current loewe bags do not seem as durable.
Or as suitable for wide variety of looks/clothing styles.
Rather edgy modern. Which I enjoy in small doses.
So, prices are not attractive.
Curbed my enthusiasm to wee animales coin purses. :smile:
Just my opinion. Hope helps.

In Barcelona, loewe destroyed facade of famous, historic building.
To install its store windows, etc.
So, remains unpopular there.
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I think it's a nice bag. If you like it, get it. Why get LV just because of the name? If you prefer this puzzle bag, get the puzzle bag.
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I think it looks great on you, although I agree with the others who said it's a lot of money for a style that may be a trend. I tried one on in black recently -- while I appreciated the design, I couldn't get past the small opening. It was NOT an easy bag to get in and out of, which was surprising given how much thought was given to the design.
Thank you all, for all your inputs. Really appreciate your comments which have helped cleared my head a lot. I was a little heady and on the verge of getting it on the spot in the boutique but the sensible side of me was like..."wait a minute....." I love this forum, where I can get honest feedback and perspectives on this kind of issues (and many more)❤
Actually many designer brands jack up their prices when selling in Asia.... (I hate that)! The puzzle bag (single colour) is listed as €1800 (US$2000) on the Europe website but selling at USD2500 in the boutiques here. Ok, this particular one is limited edition with its colour blocking so slightly more expensive and according to the SA, the ONLY piece available here (my heart skipped a beat). I could get the single colour ones at a cheaper price ... but this is the one that tug at my heart 😟

The sensible side of me was like.... "you will regret the minute you swipe that card"......"get some other brands which you can easily resell when the time comes".....

The impulsive side of me is saying "You will regret if u let it go and will keep thinking about it for a long time...."

I'm still on the fence but leaning towards the sensible side😑.... I still have 2 days to think about it......

Thank you all for helping me clear my head! Much appreciate your time and thoughts! 😊

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In Barcelona, loewe destroyed facade of famous, historic building.
To install its store windows, etc.
So, remains unpopular there.

I just read the article in your link.... and feeling quite indignant [emoji34]
I love the architecture in Barcelona, it was one my my favourite places in Europe! I hope there can be laws to protect/conserve the architectural legacy !
The Loewe Puzzle is a bag I've wanted for a while but I've never pulled the trigger because I black at the price even on the resale market.

I worry that it's too trendy for the price. And, I'm not crazy about the color block. I would pass if I were you. I think there are better bags at that price point.
I love Loewe leather. I tried on this bag and found it hard to get in and out of
I think the bag idea/style is really cool, don't see it often, that's for sure. But I agree w/Binkysmom and others, I was wondering how functional the opening would be. And I think it's hella expensive for the size.