The Latest in Fake Kooba - The Dylan. :(

  1. Hunting around for a Dylan I found this: I guess the Dylan has been replicated and I didn't know. :wtf: Glad I found out before just nabbing one on eBay while assuming they were 'safe'. Bleah. So far I haven't seen any on iOffer, but one never knows.

    This site also has the Harper and the Annie along with all the other known faked Koobas.

  2. So sad!! :nogood: Buyer beware-especially on eBay!!
  3. OMG....that website is DISGUSTING!!!!!
  4. That is really expensive for a replica!
  5. Yuck! Not only does that site have fakes, they are expensive fakes. You could probably get prices on real ones that aren't too much more.
  6. How frightening and oh so upsetting. I feel sad whenever I see a fake. It's one thing calling it an imitation but it's another when they try and sell them as the real thing. It makes me feel so sad to think that girls buy these bags and think they are real Koobas when they're nothing like the real thing when it comes to quality.
  7. On the "about us" page it does say they are selling replicas. What gets me is if they can make a nice leather purse then why don't they become creative and make their own line.
  8. Yes exactly! If you have resources to make leather bags-make your own line, now that would be a fun job!
  9. Ugh! :cursing:

    I just bought a Dylan on eBay in eggplant. It doesn't look like that color is replicated yet, and the pics from the listing look real. We'll see when it arrives.
  10. Does anyone have a clue how these sites are still operating? What they are doing is completely illegal even if they call them "replicas" - they are still using the legit brand's name, logo, dustbags, etc. There are a bunch more that pop up when you google so it's not like they are hidden in some "dark alley".
  11. I don't get it either. You think they would have lawsuits left and right.
  12. the fake bag thing is out of control. In Houston they are everywhere. Big shops, small boutiques. I think the reason they aren't prosecuted is because WHO could keep up with all this?? I honestly think the bottom is going to fall out of the bag industry.
  13. i cant believe that site
  14. The Dylan I bought on ebay this week was authentic, thankfully! I examined every square inch when it arrived :sweatdrop: It's going to be awhile before I take another chance on Ebay, though. Too stressful!
  15. I feel the same way. I have never purchased anything off ebay, but i have been lurking for a Sloane. but forget it now. I am too paranoid.

    It would be too frustrated to buy something to only find out it is a fake. especially at such a high price.:tdown: