the key in alma bb

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    Hi, i received my alma bb in black today. i kinda bother the key inside the key bell. I searched some video online and find that my alma bb's keys were a bit weird.

    it bothers me and cant get rid of it from my mind. Anyone else find it weird?

    The red ALMA pic was found from google image and look at the difference between these 2

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  2. What about it that bothers you?
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    I've found a pic from google and update the OP..hope it helps
  4. I like when the keys are attached through the holes like that rather than having them attached to the circle ring with the circle ring attached to the clochette. You can always remove the circle key ring that is dangling there or take the whole clochette off and attach it to the circle key ring rather than the keys. Why complain about it instead of fixing what you don't like? It's not permanently stuck like that.
  5. Yes it should be on the ring attached to the keys and not the keys itself. Is there any way you can undo it?
  6. That should be easily fixed. You can undo the pochette and reattach the keys!
  7. The keys will be in be clochette so you won't see the keys anyway...I checked my bb and the keys are attached with the ring. Sounds like it is fixable..Congrats on your epi alma bb, so pretty!!
  8. It's an easy fix, congrats on a lovely bag
  9. Not sure how can i undo it

    En...any possibility that online purchase might send you a fake one by mistake??

  10. That's what I was thinking too. Easy fix;)
  11. Does any ALMA suppose to have a patch with mark of origin of this LV like the pic shown?

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  12. I got a clochette from my LV store and had to "assemble" it myself. It is easy to take apart and put back together properly.. There is actually a thread on this site that shows step by step how to do it.
  13. You have the epi, correct? The Louis Vuitton Paris should be on the outside of the bag near the bottom. The vernis has the leather tab in the interior....

  14. Agree. I think it depends on who actually put the bag together. I just rec'd my Alma BB Tuesday and the key clochette was attached with the Louis Vuitton facing toward the bag. I just un-did it and put it on facing outward.
  15. yes..exactly like you said..thanks a lot