The Hermès Connection

  1. Today, I met soufflot and Specialistinparis for a quick drink and Hermès related natter.

    First, I joined soufflot at 24 Faubourg where we explored the leathers with my SA (Virginia - who is a darling) before having a look around the rest of the store around closing time. :wlae:
    I spotted a watch (double Kelly?) in aqua or framboise, which I think I'll be getting soon.
    With our goodies payed for, we were walked to the door as the store was now closed (eat your heart out, Oprah :nuts:).

    Then we headed to the Hilton for the other H, where SiP finally joined us. And those terrible, terrible enablers (I think they had an agreement with the SAs to gang up on me to win me over ;) ) had me on a Paris-Bombay in red, which will be joining my family very soon.

    We then had a drink at the Hilton bar (lovely cocktails) and SiP left on her Vespa. soufflot and I went to have dinner then parted ways.

    Thank you ladies for a fun afternoon/evening, it was a pleasure to meet you both!
  2. Thanks for the update Perja; glad you guys were able to meet up and had a great time! Looking forward to seeing your new H babies!
  3. yay!! what a fab time you must have had,,,glad they talked you in to the red P-B, Perja.....sounds wonderful!!! are more important than Oprah!!
  4. Another group meeting -- sounds so fun! And a Vespa -- how cool!! Can't wait to see pics...
  5. Oh Perja, that sounds like such fun!! :yahoo: You're making me incredibly impatient to go, too.

    Can't wait to see your new Paris-Bombay! Did you pick up anything else while you were at 24F? :graucho:
  6. It sounds like it has really been a lovely relaxing afternoon.

    Hey, I didn't know SiP has a Vespa.
    I have one too, could that be related to H?:supacool:
  7. Thanks for sharing. Love when members meet up and do Hermes and cocktails. Congrats on the Paris Bombay! Can't wait to see pics of this red beauty!
  8. So fun! You are wonderful ladies, it is so great that you all met face to face!
  9. Sounds like you guys had a blast!:yes: You lucky ladies, I am so jealous. :drool:

    I wonder if Oprah is reading this??? :nuts:
  10. Oh, so nice. Give them both big hugs from us!
  11. oh, how lovely! any pics????
  12. Would have loved to be there! Sounds like you had a very nice day!
  13. It sounds like you had a great time...I have to say the Hermes boutiques in Paris...wonderful!
  14. wow sounds like a wonderful time!! can't wait to see your new PB!
  15. Ditto!!!

    Perja, please post pics for us as soon as you get your red Paris-Bombay! :flowers: