The Goyard(s) Have Arrived: LHR>HKG>SHA

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  1. Gorgeous goodies! Love them all. Congrats!
  2. May I have the permission to post the first picture on my tumblr please?
  3. Nice!
  4. I simply do not ever know what to pick when confronted by choice!
  5. Enjoy - do as you please.
  6. I am still not brave enough to take the Goyard Paris Monogrammed one out! Asides from you guys, no one likes it here : (
  7. I love how you personalize with your initial! I have always been crazy about personalizing your bag!
  8. If *YOU* like it, that's all that matters! :smile:
  9. Love!
  10. Beautiful colours and monogramming!

  11. Beautiful bags,enjoy:smile::smile:
  12. love the goyard monogramming!
    just my opinion i think the 'goyard paris' is abit over but then again its ur bag u can do anything with it! :biggrin:
  13. I but did Goyard Paris cause the shopkeeper told me to. I just use it as my Gym Bag now, I will just get Silver everything now cause it matches the Silver Hardware. I too agree Goyard Paris is over the top but they said nothing they can do after the order is complete if you are dissatisfied.
  14. They are still very nice bags. The Goyard SP can sometimes only be concerned with their commission. I try to take as much time as possible. I sometimes will send an item back, months later, to be personalized.
  15. Use them in good health! Amazing pieces
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