............The FALL 2017 Scarves..............

  1. :hugs:
  2. This morning I had more success. Clicked on several of the Les Tresours d' un Artiste. Success. Anxious to see how this interesting design looks in person. Have an artist friend that I will be visiting in Houston the first week in August. He introduced me to Hermes Carre over 30 years ago. Will be interesting to see what he thinks of them.
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  3. Was thinking about the grey CW of Jardin d' Sintra but held off for now.
  4. Missed the orange turtle until you pointed it out. Cool...
  5. Very true. If you can just have the money budgeted for what you want for when it pops up. It will eventually pop up. I had several times Spring 2017 where a scarf on my list popped up and I had not stayed on budget - got seduced by something else - and then it was gone. :panic::panic::panic::panic:
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    Jardin a Sintra CW 10 Sintra_Namotka.jpg
    Can you see the elusive monkey?
  7. So true! It's hard to resist the lure of the first scarves that arrive, but I made an impulsive decision in the past like that so I wait now.

    I was in New York yesterday. I tried the grey and blue Sinatra with hints of brown. I'm waiting to see more. Other than that they had a few of the cavalcadour csgms. Nothing to tempt me yet.
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  8. There were soooooo many scarves I wanted from spring/summer that it was grab grab grab the minute they appeared on the website, plus constant calls to the boutiques. And I managed to stay focussed. Now I don't feel any desperation (once I got my Battery Park scarf). I guess it's the difference between December and June, right? In December I like shopping and I WANT STUFF, and I want spring to come. In June I just want to veg. LOL

    I can even resist a Sinatra scarf (@Pocketbook Pup autocorrect). :biggrin:
  9. Haha! If it was Sinatra I would have bought it. I'm Italian and born in New Jersey. Mandatory.
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  10. I'm waiting for the tattoos this time...they are simple, easy on the eye.
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  11. I looked at that one too! But worried I'd need too much makeup to pull it off, LOL. May have to wait and try this one in October, when I get to San Francisco. :graucho:
  12. Just snatched a "space shopping" in CW5 off the H website. I might regret it if/after I see other CWs. But for now, I'm stoked. Thanks, luvbolide, for showing me this design!!!
  13. So in a great display of ignorance : What are the tattoos?
  14. Sz
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