............The FALL 2017 Scarves..............

  1. The Selle d'officier CSGM... :loveeyes::loveeyes:
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  2. Jardin a Sintra 90 Silk Twill CW 10.JPG
  3. This is Jardin a Sintra , CW 10, opened a moment ago....Loving it.
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  4. Oooo! Congrats, so pretty!
  5. Would love to see modeling pics!! I have this one set aside for me but wonder about the ultraviolet. I LOVE that contrast orange hem!!!
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  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words. It's an amazing design, particularly in this colourway. As soon as dear Yodaling posted the picture, I asked my SA for it and off it went to Fedex. It's truly one of AF's best, IMHO.
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  8. Great cw! I enjoy a lot the color work on this design. On the version you have chosen, the animals have emphasis on them which is not so obvious in the others ones I think. I really like the orange turtle on the bottom. Félicitations !
  9. +1

    I feel in general quite safe this season, my money will have some time to flourish. But I think I will get the Selle d'officier. This design just wraps so well.
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  10. Anytime, Ladybaga...and the feeling is mutual:smile:
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  11. Thank you Pautinka...I've worn this beauty all day.
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  12. So excited to see some of the Fall scarves on the web site. Hate to admit am up after mid-night pacific time. Tried to purchase a couple and was not allowed. Not just yet.....
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