............The FALL 2017 Scarves..............

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  1. Great photos - thankyou for posting
  2. Thanks moma and litchi!
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  3. This is just wonderful. Thank you for the photos, Darma. I so wish I could wear orange close to my face! :girlsigh:
  4. Pbp asked me about the blanc color on the Pirouette shawl. it is slightly creamier than the other blanc shawls that I have. Interesting that i found all three white shawls (licorne, brazil, les boulevards) very consistent with the exception on this one. Not sure if that was on purpose by H so that the greys and black might render differntly thn the patterned ones that i have. Now realizing I have a lot of white shawls LOL.

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  5. Thank you! What a lovely collage.
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  6. UP for sure....the dude on the street corner (probably the store manager! :biggrin: ) is freaking out. :P
  7. Many congratulations for your first gavroche! I enjoy this size of silk.
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  8. This comparison photo, and your description of the different shades of white, are very helpful. Thank you, Lanit.
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  9. Gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get one.

    Such a lovely pattern and this colorway looks great on you!.
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  11. Thanks, Elaine. I love pastels, but you are right.

  12. How wonderful, thank you for this! This scarf is definitely going to my must-have-and-who-said-anything-about-bans list! Thank you!!
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  13. Thank you, dear. Which one are you getting?
  14. Thanks. Cute is the perfect word for this scarf. And so many CWs!!
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