............The FALL 2017 Scarves..............

  1. I love this on you! I am getting a 90 in these colors but I may need the gavroche. Hope it looks as good with my aqua linen blouse!! Thanks for the inspiration!
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  2. Finally using mine, like the colour

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  3. Extraordinary Lanit....as usual, you drape it beautifully.
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  4. Thanks! Both of the blue CWs are great (08 and 09), but this one has a colvert (?) color that does go beautifully with aqua. Hope you find both formats!
  5. Ooooh, the pastels are really pretty!
  6. Or how about "Line Cutters at FSH"?
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  7. All of these are just gorgeous! I"m hoping I can land this CW of the Pirouette. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
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  8. Some color ways of the BdG love twilly are one the US website
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  9. Beautiful. I purchased in the marine colourway but I may need to track this one down, too.
  10. Love this! I purchased the same colourway in gavroche format. I was a little hesitant to go with a 90 and now I'm wondering if I should purchase another colourway I'm intrigued by in the 90.
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  11. I'm waiting for the grey/black/orange one to show up either online or in my store. Whichever happens first Haha.

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  12. Here's another cw of the Horsawards that I mentioned previously.

  13. Thx, hard to find this tone recently with the print I love
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  14. ️ 90 is more practical for me. I like the Gavroche too!