The Diane von Furstenberg {DVF} thread!

  1. Animal-Garden-Collection.jpg paper-cheetah-bedding-red.jpg
  2. They are both so pretty! I have a Duvet cover as well but found that it is just too heavy and warm for my climate.
  3. Thank you!

    Yes, they are substantial and very warm. The winters here get colder than -30 Celsius! Our summers are also very hot so these will For sure be coming off to be replaced with light cotton!
  4. thank you!!
  5. Thank you so much sweet meg!!
  6. Thank you! So much bold colour is really a departure for me! I'm mostly a white with different shades of grey and white accents kind of gal! Lol
  7. They are lovely, where did you buy them? They don't stock them on
  8. I bought them from The Bay. It's a Canadian department store. If your in the US, you might be able to shop online, I'm not sure.
  9. All the DVF Dolls are looking lovely as usual, and seem to have made some magnificent purchases too!! :groucho:

    I've missed you (and your knack for prints/color)!
  10. Bed, Bath, & Beyond currently has 3 different DVF bedding collections. Not sure if the quality would be different since they are being sold at BBB... I was considering getting a set as I like the prints.
  11. I can't wait until the fall collection comes in...even though fall is so far from now...I'm not really impressed with anything from the Spring collection except for a twist-front sequined dress from the Runway (which is not very practical).

    Does anyone know what the DVF employee discount is?
  12. Wore the cable square coral (black and white with coral squares) Julian last night to a wedding reception. I wore black tights and pumps, as it was outside in a tent and our weather was cold! Ive never wore tights and it was a great look.
    Also wore a black leather blazer and loved it!

  13. :useless: