The Diane von Furstenberg {DVF} thread!

  1. Ooh I'm even more excited now :smile: I will most definitely post pics when it arrives x
  2. Can't wait to see it on you.
  3. leather studded jkt!
  4. bought my first DVF dress and i love it! i couldn't resist the print. :smile:

    (sorry about the bad pic. it just arrived today and i was trying it on for size.)
  5. Looks great on you - beautiful print!
  6. Does anyone have the Jeanne wrap in Stone Leopard red? Pics? Debating on this one :thinking:
  7. Nice!

    Let the addiction begin :graucho:
  8. Love the jacket. You look beautiful as always.
    Great dress, looks pretty on you.
  9. Looks great! :tup:
  10. thank you all so much! i can easily see this becoming an addiction. :graucho:

    i could always use a few more nice dresses, esp since i'm taking a break from buying more purses (for now). :p
  11. I have a question about the wrap dress. I have a large bust, am I supposed to wear a cami or tank top underneath the wrap dress? How do you ladies with larger bustlines wear the wrap dress?
  12. Aww, thanks're sweet :smile:

  13. I don't have a large bust but I will say that I wear a cami under my wrap dresses anyway because I just don't want to inadvertently flash anyone at work!
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    Resistance was futile. :cray:

    I ordered the Jeanne in Stone Leopard Red and Julian in Spiral Fern Violet :supacool: