The Descent

  1. I've managed to get a ticket for the ADVANCED SCREENING tomorrow night!!!!:yahoo: This movie got a 7.7 on IMDB, so that's pretty darn good. In this case, since it is a horror film, going over 7.0 is pretty much unheard of~~ Either way, this film has garned VERY GOOD reviews so far
  2. Oohhhh...that movie looks scary!! The whole claustrophobia angle would get me too. Have a good time!!
  3. OMG i FLIP out everytime that commercial comes on and that creepy thing is standing behind her!! ahhh it just came on now!! *shivers and looks away* tell us how it is!!
  4. I'm in need of a good flick, been so depressed lately. Granted, I've been told that the ending for the U.S. release of "The Descent" was edited to create a happier ending, gosh I hope that's not true ... I prefer originals
  5. I'm not going to see it and it's NOT because I get scared easily at the movie theater. I'd either keep having dreams about it or wherever I go, I might think those creepy things are following me around. Me, scared? Maybe. *hides under desk*
  6. Well ... I can't believe I'm THIS excited about a movie, that has never happened before ... Wow, either I have very high expectation about the movie, or my life has been very boring and depressing as of late ... Probably the latter ...

    Anyways, I'll be sure to give a non-spoiler review when I get back - if I'm articulate enough that is :lol: . I have been told that it's scary, but it's really hard to scare me these days with the blood and gore so we'll see ...
  7. Ok, I saw the movie yesterday. It was the first time I've been to a sneak preview so I didn't know what to expect. Essentially, before the start of the film they were showing information about other cool projects that were in the works. Then you have behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crews - I think these will be in the DVD's special features.

    I really enjoyed the movie ... You really do sympathize with the characters, they put up hell of a fight all right! It's not often that you see a horror film where the entire casts consisted of strong and able females (who are good-looking but are not air-heads). The only complaint I have was that they changed the ending a bit. They stopped the film at about 5 minutes eariler than they did with the original and thereby changing the ending and making it appeared a bit Hollywood-ish. The original ending was about 5 minutes longer (there was supposed to be something more after the last scene) and had a twist.
  8. I just saw this with my husband! I was soo freaking scared. It was really really really scary. I am a little claustrophobic so most of the movie was in these caves and tight that freaked me out..then the scary guys came...oh god! I swear I wanted to leave halfway thru because I was so scared!!! Good movie! Check it out!
  9. I heard this movie was really scary. I'm hoping to find a babysitter this weekend so I can see it.
  10. I used my AE free movie tickets to see this movie and holy crap, I'm not one for scary movie (even scream scared the crap out of me) but this was a very good movie. Granted I had my ears covered and eyes closed throughout 75% of the movie but it was good!

    Oh yea and like Selena, I wanted to run away like a big baby.
  11. btw koukanamiya - what was the original ending? i thought the ending was pretty good, i released one last scream =)
  12. PM HER!!! I dont want to know! LOL I will wait when I buy the DVD with the alternate endings!!

    I freaking loved Juno...she was sooo kick ass!!
  13. Now you all make me really want to see it, but I am so scared!
  14. You should be scared. It was freaking scary!!!! If I tell you all cannot laugh. I am a 37 year old mother of 5 kids and I had to sleep with the bathroom light on last night! LOL LOL
  15. You're going to get the DVD selena?!?! Man, you have GUTS!!! I can't even get through thinking about the movie without shivering. I'll pass on seeing that movie again!

    After the movie, everytime I closed my eyes, I saw monsters with blue eyes. SHIVERS