The Curtain Call

  1. Yes! I did finally get an e-mail response from Oana. She apologized for a technical problem (unspecified) at the factory, said my replacement bag has been made and that it will be in the next shipment. I don't have a date but I'll be checking in with her at least once a week until I receive it.
  2. Fingers crossed that it arrives soon!
  3. Got my replacement bag!!! All seems right so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Unfortunately I can't carry the bag yet because of shoulder tendinitis that I hope improves soon. Until then, I'm under orders to carry only minimal loads -- even on the good arm.
  4. woo hoo!!
  5. Ha! Yes -- I just realize my celebration must have seemed strangely subdued. :p
  6. Yes - I was wondering if there was something else wrong with the bag! Too bad about the shoulder. Hope you can carry that baby soon!
  7. I'm glad you got your replacement! Which bag did you get replaced? I can't keep track of all the HH issues lately.
  8. You're not going to believe this (well, actually, you might...) but the exact same 'kick in the pants' happened to me, inside my 2nd Corc. The one they had to replace due to a faulty exterior zipper. The zipper on this interior pocket had been used maybe 5 times. Snap. Gone.

    I am incredulous.

    Do you think they have a 'zipper problem' at HH???
  9. Unequivocally.
    Happened to the zipper on the dividing pocket of my new Tharpe, too. Fortunately, they accepted the return with no issues.
  10. Yikes, you guys are scaring me. I'm gonna be done with HH again some more if after waiting for a bag for months I have to send it back because they use cheap zippers that break when you look at them.
  11. They have more than a zipper problem!! :lol:
    Except that it's really not funny.
  12. OMG SS and ND - that is super freaky and not good. What action are they taking to fix the problems???