The Curtain Call

  1. That blue thread is sure pretty - kinda glows -
  2. Woot Woot!
  3. How annoying! Yet easily fixed, no?? <fingers crossed>
  4. I would have fixed it already, but my husband moves things and they are never put back where I had them. Hence, my pliers are....somewhere. And I didn't feel like sweating my butt off in the shed while digging through his tools. :rolleyes:
  5. oh fart... that totally sucks! :/ i'd suggest getting a much thicker jump ring so this won't happen again.
  6. Aaaaacckkkkkk!!!! This is what happened to me and my Corcovado! All I can say is DO NOT ASK HH TO 'HELP' with this or you may spend months waiting for a 'new' bag.

    They do not stock replacement zippers or pulls
    They do not do repairs, just replacements
    They lose bags in the warehouse

    Fix it fast. If I had only taken the time to find my pliers the first time it fell off (I had the zipper pull the first time; the second time it fell off it was gone for good), I wouldn't have had to wait months to get a new bag.

    So maybe the problem with HH right now, in addition to general lack of communication in CS, is the choice of zipper supplier?!?
  7. Quick update -- or lack of one, to be more precise -- I still haven't heard back from Oana on my replacement bag. Strange because her response when I e-mailed about the damage was lightning-quick. It's been a week. I'll give it until Friday afternoon and try reaching her again. *Sigh*
  8. Aw, geez. Another round, anyone? That sucks. I wouldn't even wait until Friday. I kept trying to be patient and "give it another day or 2," and it did no good. It's not like anyone was doing anything about it in the meantime. Contact them to the point of harrassment. No, not really, but you know what I mean. They DO have your bag and your money.

    I'm wondering if I should attempt to solder (get my husband to, anyway :p) the jump rings on all the zipper pulls. This one was inside the bag, but if the next one is on the outside - yes, it could be a goner.
  9. Yeah, definitely don't send it to HH for repairs, you might never see your bag again. Really sucks that this happened, fabae. I was really rooting for you and this bag.

    I'm now really put off by the new HH bags' QC, sigh, on top of the waiting and the shipping hassles...I'm probably better off buying second-hand.
  10. Fabae - that sucks. Gosh I am so scared to order anything from HH right now.
  11. The only positive thing I can say is that it's an easy fix - slipping the zipper pull back on the zipper and tightening the jump ring. At least it wasn't a strap breaking or something!
  12. Fae, thank gawd it wasn't something more serious! Get to work fixing it before sending it back for sure!!! At least it's on the inside....
  13. You probably know already but try making the ring more of an oval with the cut part on the long side. Does that make sense? That way you aren't as apt to pull the ring of again.
    I am glad you were able to fix it rather than sending it back.
  14. You're so right, fabae. I e-mailed again. No response. I tried chat but the HH site crashed my browser. Crazy busy week so no time for a phone call yet. Will do that soonest on Monday.
  15. Any updates?