The CL Lover's Secret Shame! Your Ugly Shoe Confessions!

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  1. I have to believe I am not the only one with some seriously fugly shoes I can't bring myself to part with. They're comfy and easy to slip on and even though "What Not To Wear" would advise against them, I can't let them go. Or maybe I just don't want to spend the money to buy alternatives when I could be buying CLs! :smile:

    So ladies, what lurks in the back of YOUR closet? I'll start.

    These boots were an emergency buy in Paris a couple of years ago when my pretty-look-hot-in-Paris boots lost a heel tap. It was cold and my feet were tired, so I went for comfort over beauty.

    These are my snow boots. They are waterproof and warm and I wear them to work when gthe weather is bad and tuck a pair of nice shoes in my bag.

    These clogs are about eight years old and I often slip into them before running over to the corner bodega.

    And the worst for last... My mother actually gave these sandals to me when I sprained my ankle and nothing would fit. I have no excuse for keeping them around except that... um... well, they're really comfortable, dammit! I'd like to say I only wear them in the house, but I'd be lying. It's sad, I know.

    Now you know the worst of it. Including the fact that I desperately need a pedicure! *hangs head in shame* :shame:

    Don't leave me all alone here, ladies... confess your ugly shoe sins!
  2. I could be wrong, but I think there is a thread on this already.
  3. ^^^ Rats! I even asked about it earlier today!

    Delete away, if needed!
  4. LOL @ the clogs!

    So actually I've always thought that those crazy big wooden clogs with flowers painted on them were cute.
  5. I've never seen a thread like this...

    I actually like those clogs. :shame: Pretty colors!
  6. I love the clogs! They're adorable!

    I've never seen the other thread.

    I don't really have any shoes, I consider ugly, but I do wear a lot of sneakers. :P
  7. I love the clogs, they're fun. And nothing beats a comfortable pair of waterproof boots when the weather is so bad that even dogs don't want to go outside.
  8. The clogs are perfect for slipping on to run outside! Cute!
  9. I was justhing thinking about this the other day.
    Once per month I look in my shoe closet and dig into the very back where a pair of muddy boots are and I wear these to my construction site meetings. It's so odd since every other work day I'm dressed to the nines in heels....weekends are Ugg days
  10. Oh! these are really ugly but I love them for bad weather!

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  11. I want pics, ladies! :P

    And I think the clogs are cute, too, but my SO absolutely hates them. He'd have me in heels 24 hours a day, if it were practical.
  12. Are they Hunters? I like 'em!
  13. When I was a kid spending summers at my grandparents' summer house, I always wore clogs when I wasn't barefoot. There were many of them so when my feet got bigger there was always another pair that fit me. Sweet memories...

    Anyway, I don't think I have any ugly shoes either, but like Jet, I wear sneakers a lot; whenever my feet need a rest from heels. I have two pairs only, but they're men's yellow Adidas with green stripes, that don't go with anything I wear, in size 42 and black with yellow stripes in 43. I have orthopedic insoles in both but there's still plenty of wiggling room for the toes. I normally wear 39 to 40. My feet sigh with relief every time I put them on.
  14. I don't have any pics, but I have baby pink Hunter Wellies that I love!
  15. I do not have any shoes that I think is ugly. Maybe someone else think they are ugly, but hey I didn't buy them for that someone else? I have a pair of crocs (not the regular kind) and I still don't think they are ugly.