The Cerf Tote Club!

  1. You're so sweet, pursegalsf! Thank you.

    And you definitely wouldn't regret buying a cerf. Especially in black! (The Purse Forum is such a terrible enabler, isn't it? LoL.)
  2. OMG! Lily you are the best! Thank you so much for posting the pics, and the size comparison too! That was so helpful! Your pics are making me want one even more-it looks so fabulous on you!!!

    Goldensx5 and babyhart- thank you so much for all of your input!! IT really helps making this decision. I will definitely be checking out your pics Golden!!! Thank you again!!!

    This is such a dangerous place!!!:p
  3. Jag, I looked at the cerf yesterday in NM...gorgeous...I almost bought one, but picked up a tote instead...still thinking about that cerf...
  4. Love the CERF - its fabulous - I keep wanting to buy it, but I talk myself out of it b/c I want "seasonal" bags first - it is so NICE!!
  5. I love my chocolate cerf. It really is a great bag. Like many have already mentioned it fits on shoulders and looks great hand carried.
    You definitely need one :smile:
    Here's a old pic of my cerf:
  6. Jag, I think you would love the Cerf. Here are mine for you to compare the two different sizes.
    Img_3907.jpg Img_3912.jpg
  7. You ladies are the best! I am so torn- it was gorgeous too! A super rich and dark chocolate- I might be in love!!!

    SoCal- this place is so dangerous! Between Chanel and Hermes I am a total gonner!!!!
  8. Very, very dangerous...I am now thinking the larger cerf would make a great staple and "practice" birkin while the smaller cerf would make a fabulous "practice" shoulder birkin...sick, sick, sick...

  9. LOL!!! You are so right!!! The smaller one does remind me a bit of the JPG- Uh oh..... must..step..away..from..the computer:wtf:
  10. Will let you know what happens later in the day...feeling very weak...
  11. Are they still making the small one with the mademoiselle closure?
  12. Where does one go in handbag land after Chanel? PLEASE don't send me down the Hermes road! I'll be living out of my handbags at that point!!

    After reading so many great things about the Cerf tote, I have decided to take a trip to NM to exchange my chocolate Muse for a Cerf. My sister wanted to buy me a classic, timeless bag as a birthday gift back in May, and we chose the Muse together. But after a few times carrying it (the large size) it feels clumsy and is not my usual style. I have tried to love it but just can't. I spoke with my sister and she is fine with me exchanging it for something else, and I think it is going to be the chocolate cerf with the cc closure! Unless I get there and another bag jumps out at me...

    Does anyone know if the base of the cerf is as wide as the Muse? That is my problem with the Muse; the base is so wide that it feels awkward to carry, especially on the shoulder.
  13. I have been drooling over the cerf with cc closure forever. However being a poor college student prevents me from splurging for a while. Has the cc closure been discontinued for the mademoiselle closure or does chanel continue to produce both?
  14. Roey I found the cerf tote to be much eaiser to carry. I have tried on the Muse and not crazy about the proportions of the bag. The cerf tote feels and looks much better on IMO. But go check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed! In fact, I bet you end up with one of these beauties!!!
  15. roey, get the cerf! i tried it on the day i was checking out the square vintage.
    the cerf is a classic! very comfortable on the shoulder. it's chic, subtle and understated.