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  1. After seeing lovely pictures of the Cerf tote popping up, I think I want one now too!
    It is such a classic bag, but is it too plain and seen as boring?
    What do you guys think?
  2. I think it's a beautiful bag, not boring at all :love: It's very simple and sophisticated. I love bella1's, she posted pictures of it not too long ago :nuts:
  3. Thanks Cristina! :shame:
    The only con I can think of is, is you're a more trendy type of person. I like wearing skinny jeans or bootcut jeans, cute pumps and a nice simple cardigan, tops w/little design. I tend to gear very much towards very simple, elegant classy style than trendy, fun or flashy. I love the trendy look on some of my friends, but whenever I go shopping for my own clothes, I gravitate towards simple yet quality material clothes. That said, I love the Cerf tote b/c it fits my style!

    However, I can see if you're more of a trendy type of person, Cerf tote may not float your boat, b/c it is very simple. I've been purchasing bags w/the thought of keeping them long term and seeing them as investment. I recently sold off all of my small LV accessories, clutches and small bags, Gucci tote and Ferragamo bag to acquire more classy yet functional bags.

    If you do end up getting it, you can't go wrong though. It's light, fits a lot, yet not a huge tote, has shoulder strap, easy to maintain and will last you a lifetime! And it doesn't scream out designer bag.

    If you think Cerf is boring, perhaps another good choice is the caviar quilted large tote w/chain straps? I want that bag so bad as well. As a matter of fact, few years down the line, I would like to get that bag too. For now, I want to add a black cerf to my collection some time this year.

    Oh! And Cristina's bag is very nice too. Less simple and boring than Cerf and is a perfect size too! ;)
  4. Thanks Christina and Bella :smile:

    Hmm I would not say my style is super trendy. Designer jeans, cute top and shoes is something I normally wear. I am such a jeans person and in them everyday.

    My friend has the caviar medallion tote in burgendy and finds it a little too structure for her liking. It's definitely a dressier bag then the cerf. They both look great in their own way.

    Bella, I am feeling the exact same way about my bags lately. I need a purse collection transformation LOL! I am planning to sell some of my trend, novelty bags and go with some classic styles.

    My new motto is quality over quantity :smile:
  5. It's borderline boring, I think... but definitely a classic kinda timeless bag. I'd wear one for sure!
  6. i actually like this bag a lot. it seems really versatile because it's simple. since you're not a very trendy person i bet it would look great with your wardrobe.
  7. I am a total Chanel novice, so please forgive me if I sould like an idiot.

    But can anyone tell me about the Cerf Tote with the cc closure. I saw a chocolate tote at NM and just fell in love with it. But, seeing as I don't own any chanel bags, I was wondering how heavy this was? How durable? Any negatives to this bag that I should be aware of???

    Does anyone have any pics that they could share???

    Thank you in advance for any input you might have! :flowers:
  8. There are two different sizes of the cerf tote. They are not too heavy. I have both and find both fit comfortably over my shoulder and also hang nicely on my arm. They fit a ton of stuff, are more discretely Chanel than some of hte other bags. The leather takes a beating and still looks fabulous. And they have tons of pockets. I highly recommend it. I do not use my smaller one anymore, only the larger and do not find it too heavy, even stuffed full of my junk. I have travelled with it also and it is great for all my airplane junk too.
  9. THank you princessofthehouse- that is really good to know. I am considering one for work- and it seemed like a good size for documents, and necessities. I am trying to get rid of my briefcase.
  10. Well, princessofthehouse has already described the bag perfectly! I'll just add that I use my black cerf as a uni/college tote, and it's managed to hold up very well, even with some minor abuse (chucking it in the car, under desks etc.). :smile:

    The leather feels amazing and is surprisingly hard to scratch! And as princess said, the cerf has heaps of compartments, which really come in handy. Oh, and the shape and style of the cerf is so classic that you'll find yourself reaching for it season after season. :love:

    I hope this helps, jag!
  11. That definitely helped Lily! Thank you so much!!!

    Does anyone have pics that they can post? I did not know there were 2 sizes- now I don't know which size I saw. It looked fairly large- but was GORGEOUS!
  12. ^^^ jag, if you do a search in the chanel subforum for 'Cerf', I believe you will see several hits pop up. I also show a pic of my large Black and mocha Cerf's in the My Bag Showcase subforum. Both of mine have the rhodium Mademoiselle closure though vs. the CC closure. I had the mocha in the smaller version which is a few inches shorter than the large, but returned it for the large in the mocha because I needed the bigger size.
  13. jag, i love the cerf. i have it in black with the double gold cc. it's definitely more subtle than other chanel styles, but i love the simple elegance of the bag. i have the larger one. i'm thinking of getting the smaller one just cause i love the durability of the leather and the elegant look. the larger one holds my files and books, so it's been great! and it's definitely a classic style. i really love it b/c it's practical and it LOOKS expensive.
  14. Here you go, jag!

    I noticed that you have a lovely Chloe Paddington in your avatar, so I also took a photo of my cerf next to my much neglected paddy for a size comparision.

    I also wanted to point out though, that my cerf is a few years old now, so size-wise, I'm not sure how it compares to any of the newer season cerf totes. ;)

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  15. ^^^ It looks great on you Lily Aarrghhh! Now, I want one!