The best LV summer bag for a mom?

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  1. I think there might be a thread about this but I can't find it! So here is my question, which is the best summer bag (canvas azur) for a mom?

    It will be my first LV bag ever :smile:

    * I don't like "shoulders only" straps
    * Very good if the bag could be carried crossbody if needed to
    * Must be the light azur canvas :smile:
    * It needs to fit essentials, maybe a small car and tissues. It doesn't have to replace a diaper bag.

    Have not tried any bag in store but think maybe speedy b or siracusa could be close. But would love other input from you!
  2. I love the speedy b, there's also a new Azur backpack pack coming out in a month too!
  3. Do you have any pros and conns of the speedy b? Is it good/comfortable crossbody or is that more or less only used in emergencies?

    Are there any pics of the backpack? :smile:
  4. Noe bb, favourite

  5. The favourite is definitely interesting! :smile: but the noe is not really my type of bag.
  6. Speedy b is a great choice for a first LV!

    Whatever you choose, don't forget to show us!

    By the way, be careful using azur with jeans ok? It's infamous for color transfer, I heard!!
  7. I use the delightful mm and bought the 'strap' which allows it to become a crossbody
  8. i use my siracusa pm crossbody and really like it. it holds more than enough and sits flatter than the speedy b. the only con to the siracusa is that the strap is not really as long as i would like it to be crossbody, so that would depend upon your height. i like it much more than the favorite because it holds more and has a zip closure. the speedy b is also a great bag so that would be my second choice here.
  9. Thank you for the warning! Did my research and it seems like a crossbody in azur is a very bad choice for a toddler mom... I will wear jeans, a lot. And I will be in situations where I can't chose to carry the bag by handle and have to carry it crossbody (I think shoulder bags in azur will work fine). This will make me anxious when I wear it and that is the opposite to what I look for. I have several bags that I have to be careful about. I am looking for a carefree bag, maybe the speedy b mono will be better for me, even though I just don't like the mono at all...but I can absolutely see that it is practical and a bit more summery than DE.

    Good idea! The delightful is not really my type of bag.

    I am very short and quite small so short straps are normally good for me. I like that it is flatter than the speedy, but I think I just switched my mind from azur to mono out of practical reasons. Too bad since mono is the patter I least prefer...

    New thoughts:
    Since I am new to LV and never been a fan before I am thinking of the following:
    • Azur is not a good choice if you wear jeans - I do wear jeans a lot and as a mom I have to practical. Azur will be a future bag if I fall in love with LV.
    • Crossbody is a must if you have to run after a 2 year old.
    • I don't like Mono so much but it is a little bit summery, maybe enough? I can use mono all year round which is a big plus. (I think DE is too dark for summer)
    • Since I don't know whether I actually love LV or not it seems like a good idea to buy a classic with high second hand value - like the speedy!

    So I think I want to but a speedy b 25 in mono. This will fit my needs as a durable, summer bag for a toddler mom.

    If I love LV I will probably buy a Siena PM (love it!) and a neverfull (maybe azur, otherwise DE). I also love the mazarine in emp, but that's an other story... :smile:
  10. If you're willing to spend more I would suggest looking at an empreinte speedy. It's roomy, cross body, and damn near indestructible. I use mine everyday with my 2year-old. If that's not your style maybe get a neverfull in azure. I've been using my mine for the last few weeks and though I prefer xbody it actually hasn't bothered me that nf is shoulder carry. Just be aware that vachetta is prone to water spots and there will be a break in period waiting for it to patina.
  11. Here are some choices you might want to consider:
    NOE (the more I see it, the more I'm [emoji173]️[emoji7] loving it now.)
    Speedy B

    Since Delightful is not your style, personally I like those bags. Also, you might want to go into a boutique, and look at the different bags you're interested in, to judge the differences, and to see what will actually work better for you!

  12. Yes. This. ^^

  13. Oh, the speedy emps are just wonderful and definitely more my style than neverfull (not really a tote girl but want one haha). Would definitely want a speedy emp but I don't know what to think of LV yet. So I would like to try the canvas before going leather. At least I think so. I do have other bags that I would prefer spend my money on instead of a speedy emp. Well I prefer the look of a emp in front of a mono but find the use and price point more right for the mono.

    And if I don't like LV I could sell the mono speedy for a good price. The emp would be a greater loss, but it is more lovely.

  14. I am really considering the speedy b :smile: what's so great about noe? Seems like everyone recommend it but I don't really see why hehe. Would love to know :smile: maybe I am missing something?

    Yes, I should go to a store. I have been into the one where I live once - and had a bad experience with a SA and really don't feel to visit again before I am sure about which bag (or at least know which 1-5 to chose from).
  15. Siracusa gets my vote!
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