The bbag that got away: which bags did you almost buy but didn't?


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Nov 4, 2006
Yikes!! Just saw VERY thankful you didn't win the '04 Marigold (if I can even call it that) was FAKE!!! :cursing: I am currently in the process of working through my first ever paypal claim to get my money back. I've posted more about it in the "A Place For The Fakes" thread in case she tries to list it again.

Seriously, I still have heaps to learn!
Thank you, yes, thank god, my hesitant mode was on that day..:cursing:

Dear Amber, I hope you by now, have got your monies back..


May 4, 2006
yikes there are too many to mention.. but i do have a good story...

I had been looking for the perfect 05 black work forever..
then i found one in a certain place... i made a deal with the seller... and was all set to go.. but totally messed up my finances by not consulting with DH.. big mistake,, mad money that i thought we had in our extra account he had already used... long story... i very sadly and reluctantly had to back out of the deal at that time... there was no choice.

about 4 months later...the same bag, same pictures show up in this other place for sale... and this time i was ready.. and i snagged her!!

so i wound up with the bag after all!!!!


Oct 31, 2007
last year i was offered a violet city SGH, but i hesitated. few days later i wanted to buy it, it was sold. :sad:

after that, i would blame myself for missing the deal everytime i see tpfer's avatar or post pics with violet city SGH or even violet day SGH.

2 weeks back, i was offered another violet city SGH. :yes: i bought it!

God is good! :king:


Oct 18, 2007
In terms of Balenciaga, I was THIS close to returning my sky blue Day for an 08 magenta Day. I had myself convinced it wouldn't work. And then, I tried on some of my spring clothes with Ms. Blue. What a lovely neutral color! So, the magenta is off the radar.

But the one that truly got away was a Hermes 37cm Bolide in orange. It was in fabulous condition and at a great price. And I floundered and it got away. I was on a list at two Hermes boutiques for one. And for over a year no luck. And then a fellow bag pal in Chicago saw one at Hermes Chicago. Within 48 hours she was in my hands! I will never ever ever let her go!


Sep 6, 2007
I will never forget it,(stops to blow her nose!)..I still keep that Seller on my Favs page (just in case!) It was a brand new '05 Teal First..she wanted such a high price for it and wouldn't hear of a Best Offer..waaah!


Jul 17, 2006
There are so many...

(seriously, gals, I have an imaginary collection of all the bags I didn't buy - and it's almost better than the bags that I did buy :nuts:)

Some that still pain me:

05 Caramel Day (at the time I had decided I didn't need 2 bags in the same style - insanity! - was a steal, too) :crybaby:

05 Bordeaux Work (current HG:heart:) - was still on the fence about the Work style and thought it was too big. At least this one was pricey, so I had a solid reason. :crybaby:

04 Anis City :crybaby:

Plomb CP with GSH - saw it at BalNY and convinced myself that I didn't NEED this little nugget of joy :crybaby:

I've learned my lesson - if something moves me, I shouldn't rationalize why I shouldn't buy it :shame:


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Jul 20, 2007
Oh gosh......let me see now:

06 Sapin City (I'm banned until Sept., but it was sooooo tempting)
07 Plomb PT w/SGH (still can't bring myself to carry a bag w/GH, but I just love Plomb!):sad:

06 Black Work (like Slinks, I was also on the fence about the Work and now that I desperately want one, I let an 06 get away and am just kicking myself):cry:
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