The bbag that got away: which bags did you almost buy but didn't?

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  1. So the thread about Sellers Remorse got me to thinking about The One That Got Awaay :sweatdrop:

    Which bbag did you almost buy, got sniped out from under you, or that you just couldn't quite reconcile buying and now regret not having that bag??

    I let a gorgeous Rouille Work slip through my fingers last Christmas. I had overspent on my family (and myself) and just couldn't quite live without the funds at that moment. Another sweet PFer bought her but I lost out by waiting too long.

    I soooo wish I had that bag :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Right before I was getting into bbags and knew enough about them, I stumbled across an '04 Lilac City in almost new condition for only $500!! :wtf:
    I went home to do some research b/c I had no idea how much bbags sold for. The next morning it was gone. :sad:
  3. The truffle GH PT that was on Bluefly last month. I couldn't decide between a City or PT and went for the City. I now have found that I like the PT better. I doubt there will ever be a better price on that bag! :sad:
  4. OMG, Clopin, isn't that crazy!?!?
    I have a similar story with a Chloe vanilla paddy for like $650 :wtf:

    Luv, sorry to hear that, but with Bluefly, it might not have been 100% perfect anyway :shrugs:
  5. It happens to me all the time with eBay. There was one day a megenta shrug with BIN and i sent the seller a question. It was gone while i was waiting. Then there was a VIF twiggy and I hit BIN and the next step it told me that it's gone again, someone might just a few seconds earlier than me.
  6. A Blue India Work bag in brand-new condition. I hesitated a little too long thinking about it... I think the Blue India work style is really HTF; at least I don't see it mentioned much on tPF.
  7. A grenat work from Diabro for only $820. I already
    paid with paypal but they found the bag (last one) was
    damaged in the stockroom. :crybaby:I also lost $40 +
    due to conversion fee. I so wish I got it.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that especiallly since I just got a Grenat Work today!! There is another one on eBay right now for a great price from a lovely PFer if you are intersted.

  9. Great thread....mine is a 02 black fbf which i realised the seller is a TPF member and it was too late when i tried to negotiate the offer price and she has accepted the other offer...sigh
  10. a few:

    i lost an auction back during xmas for a rouge vif courier. my offer was $605, and the person (at least it was a tPFer) who won had an offer of $650 that was accepted. the night before though i was considering raising my offer to $655. oh well.

    then came the anthracouier i ordered off LVR. A last minute trip to europe was planned for the summer though, and i needed the money for that more. it made my loss a little better when i learned lvr cancelled all the antracouriers b/c they didnt get them to begin with, though i was out $40 thanks to conversion fees. once again, oh well.

    i guess me and the courier just weren't meant to be.

    the last was a suede zip flat hobo, my highest bid was 202 and it was won for 205 at the last second. once again though, at least a tPFer got it.

    i guess all these bags just weren't meant to be, but i hope when that perfect bag for me does come along, it will be mine :biggrin:
  11. ^^You're such a sweety, Celia!:yes:
  12. I was just about to pay for a shiny new pewter City at Neimans when at the very last second, I decided I wasn't cool enough to carry a metallic bag. So, in addition to being uncool, I am a complete idiot! That day still haunts me...
  13. Marie, thanks:nuts: :nuts: I love to help someone who can fulfill their bbag i'm sure i can find my wishlist do you?:heart: :heart:
  14. :wtf: