The Bag I Have Always Wanted!!!!!

  1. Is now mine!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    i can't believe it here is my little story...:love:

    When i walked into H the store was packed and i had butterflys in my stomach b/c i was so excited. I told a SA i had a bag on hold and my name and she went to go get it.
    When she brought out the big orange box still wrapped up in plastic i knew no one had touched my bag since it was made. She brought me to a area that wasn't crowded so i can look in peace but once she opened it and took out the bag...5 women were standing behind me 1-2 feet away just woman asked if they had anymore, The SA told her it was special order. When she took it out i fell in LOVE:heart:

    i just blurted out " I'll take it"
    she laughed and said i should hope so:upsidedown:

    well enough talking and to the EYE CANDY without the fat
  2. Oh this is exciting!!! What's in the bag:nuts:
  3. Let's see, please.
  4. i can't wait to see
  5. im crossing my fingers this picture doesn't come out as big as the other one...
  6. open open!!!

    I am so happy for you! I think it is wonderful that you got the bag.
    Refresh refresh!!!
  7. :yahoo::party:
  8. Solidgold, Congrats!! I can't wait to see your reveal pictures. ;)
  9. Oh how exciting !!!!
  10. What a great feeling! Cant wait to see what Hermes made especially for YOU!:yahoo:
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