~The Bachelorette: Emily Maynard~

  1. The Muppets shouldn't have been mixed in this kind of show at all.. :nogood:

    :push: I'm not feeling this season.. she's a bit more boring than I thought she'd be..
  2. I think she sucks at acting.
  3. yeah it hasn't been as interesting. probably later on.
    and u can tell the guys are itching for when they start travelng
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    a couple of points from your post above:

    1) i must be jaded b/c i found that "letter" from a 10 year old to be scripted as well. i will say, last week, i didn't think the dad was cute but he looked hot with the black fitted tee while reading the date card.

    2) you're right! he did die in a plane crash so it's a different circumstance in a way. plus she may miss the racing world.

    unrelated to your post:

    3) Chris has a weird smile. His teeth are like the Ken doll.

    4) i'm only 10m in and slightly bored already. :push:

    5) Ryan was not feeling "so lucky" as he claimed to be while dropping off the choc chip cookies. i LOL'd at that.

    6) I like Charlie

    7) it's more noticeable now since we see Em more that she's a bit boring, no? :push:

  5. i really like charlie, arie, and doug, for her.

    and kalon and sean for me.. hehehe:smile:

    i agree that she's sort of boring.. maybe a single mom isn't the best for the show. however, i'm still addicted!

  6. haha you best back up bc i want sean for myself! :graucho:
  7. I NEED that bikini she had on, can anyone ID it!!
  8. The skateboarder/water guy looks like Sean Astin from the 1980's!
  9. Did anyone catch her on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night? Although I'm not a fan of Kathy Griffin at least she helped make the interview a bit more interesting. Otherwise, it would have been a snooze fest if it only had been Emily. At least now Ashley H. isn't as "boring" in comparison :biggrin:
  10. I like Charlie and Sean too -- both seem very laid back and sweet. And are hot! :graucho: Charlie is a friend of Dan Uggla (from the Atlanta Braves). Apparently it was Dan's porch that he fell from and had his accident. Chris is sweet too, but seems a little too awkward.
  11. I like Emily and think she's beautiful, but she lacks personality or something?? She's always talking in the same monotone and never gets excited about anything. Or at least from what I've seen so far. I don't know, the show is starting to drag a bit......

    I like Charlie and Sean too.
  12. I wonder if she has tried to hard to represent the Hendrick family well(since they are apparently helping support their grandchild), that her personality has become very controlled? Nothing seems very natural or unscripted for her, but it's got to be tough being the Bachelorette as well as a single mom.
  13. I did! I was expecting Kathy to have teased Emily a tad more.

    How does Emily afford to be a SAHM and live luxuriously? She's boring because her world seems fixiated on raising Ricki and indulgence in self pity, at least that's how I see it. Unlike say Tila Tequila in her couple of dating series, Emily seems intent on keeping her emotions hidden and puts on a Barbie doll façade for distraction. Or really has little else of interest to share. Perhaps she will open up more in subsequent episodes or I will just skip them and watch the finale.

    Didn't the trailer for the recent episode show Emily yelling "get the f* out" to somebody? Didn't seem to notice that scene last episode or did I miss it? To whom was it directed?