~The Bachelorette: Emily Maynard~

  1. ^^^ anything interesting? pm me, polo! lol.
  2. Will do! :graucho:

    But I think by now, viewers are already skeptical of the whole "Bachelor/Bachelorette" franchise since 99.9% of them won't work out. There's no such thing as a fairy tale ending, at least not on "reality" TV.
  3. I like the race car diver and the blonde guy that came out first.

    I can't figure out whats up with her teeth. Either a major overbite or bad veneers.

    Still beautiful but I keep staring at her mouth.
  4. NOooooooo. NOT the Spoilers. I swear I'm not going to read them this year. Oh, please...somebody handcuff me, tie me to a chair in the corner away from temptation, let me sit on my hands when temptation beckons...

    The only thing that will keep me away from them, though, is that I feel like I picked up a virus (or something) over there, and my computer gave me trouble from that time up until it crashed.

    But I wanta go... :sos:
  5. For me, I read the spoilers in advance to decide whether or not I want to invest the time/energy to watch the show. I don't want to get "emotionally attached" only to be pissed off the end. (Oh hi, Courtney!) :roflmfao:
  6. lolol. You're hilarious, pink polo. :p
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    Yeah that green shirt guy would be the first I'd send packing he gets on my nerves, just seems he was there to win, not for Emily. Hope he will be the one who made the snide remark about baggage.
  8. Lol I'm trying to resist reading the spoilers too but it's sooo hard.
  9. Wrong guy, I think Doug is the dad of the 11 year old.
  10. I LOVE the race car driver, the dad, skateboarder dude and I kind of like helicopter dude as well lol
    She's gorgeous as is her little girl. But I'm confused was she entering two different houses? One looked massive and another one looked like a town house. *confused*
  11. I wonder since she lost her first love due to his career as a race car driver would she be apprehensive dating someone in the same line of work.
  12. the single brick home? i think that's emily's house b/c it looks like the one they showed during brad's season.
  13. ugh yes! if emily would have seen that exchange i'm sure she would have sent green shirt guy home too. plus he's 80s boom box and corny dance moves bothered me too.

    i finally caught up and watched the episode! it was actually good considering the season premiere usually drags on and it gets boring.

    i like a few of the guys: race car driver, skateboard dude, X pro athlete with the wild porcupine hair, the dad with the kid and there was another one but i can't remember...

    but the dad with the 6 kids...OMG. at first i thought he was joking that he had that many kids! that's a lot of kids and emily wants more kids of her own so that won't work.
  14. OMG I am watching this and realizing most of the blokes have NO CLUE about dating women lol.

    "Where do you see yourself in 5 years"?
    The answer she is looking for is married with at least one kid lol.

    If you haven't got a rose then go steal time with her why are you waiting around and envying a guy already with a rose spend more time with her, time to remember why you were there for.
  15. I haven't watched in a few seasons, and especially because I am suppose to be boycotting all things abc reality because of the soap cancellations! But I was bored tonight, and it was the first thing I came across on demand...and I liked Emily.

    Personally I thought the dad was too easy. And sad to say but with all the things I've heard about this franchise, I thought the letter from the son was underhanded. Whether it was from the kid, the dad put the kid up to it, or abc did it...i just highly doubt a 10 yr old boy who's dad was going on a tv show would come up with that. And if he did, I wasn't impressed that the dad exploited his kid the first night to pull on Emily's heart strings. The guys all come up with gimmicks to make a first impression, and the guy used his son.

    Her ex fiancé died in a plane crash. So it wasn't really because his career but because of his career requiring him to travel. He was very sweet though and asked her in the first episode, and she said she was fine with it. I would hope if she wasn't, abc wouldn't have even given him a chance. Especially since I heard he had connections with the show which was how he got on.

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