TELL US: Back to School for the Fall?!

  1. If you are going back to school for the fall (school, undergrad, grad, law school, med school, business school and so on):

    How are you preparing for it?!?! Tell us! Share your story! :yahoo:
  2. Going back for some good old law school !

    I'm basically not prepared, I don't have a parking pass, I need to reapply for my loans since I changed schools.. I never end up buying supplies since I figure I can pick it up later, I need to get books.. wow, I am a pretty bad example to follow. Hope you're all more organized than I ! :graucho:
  3. I am actually not preparing!!! No, I actually bought my school supplies, and that was it! I don't even remember my new schedule of classes! I still need to go shopping for shoes, pants, sweaters, and all of that! I am currently a Junior at California State University Northridge.
  4. awww hehe! I bought my law school books and the flash drive already, but most importantly I bought some fall shoes and jackets (hehe). But I definitely don't feel ready for school!
  5. i've been back for about a week at college and so far i'm just having a woooooonderful time with my roommates and friends, i've missed them so much over the summer! and i bought a flash drive for my copy editting class :smile:
  6. I'm going into freshman year! I'm excited, but not prepared at all... All I know is my schedule, and where I can fit in going to the gym.
  7. Senior year of high school! :yahoo:

    I've bought a few school bags and have the basic supplies. I have summer homework that I still need to finish (and I start in a week!). Other than that, I haven't done much. After school on the first day, I'm taking my brother to get the rest of our supplies.
  8. i am back to school (gosh my last semester I hope).. and still have to finish that darn dissertation.. God, give me the serenity and discipline to finish it soon.. I want a job now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (really so I can buy my bags.. a Kelly or birkin).......
  9. i am going on my 3rd year at a new university, so basicially i am completely lost on campus! LOL not only that but my transfer credits don't apply much to my major, so i guess i am a pushed back to a 2nd year student? anyways, i am pretty prepared, school supplies, campus map in hand, parking decal on its way, only thing i need to do is apply for loans since fin aid messed up again:throwup: !!!
  10. I start grad school in a week. I just got my books on Monday and shopped at Target yesterday for my school supplies. I'm kind of nervous because I am not familiar with the campus at all and i feel like a freshman with my head in a map!
  11. In grad school -- totally unprepared, the writing that I was supposed to be working on all summer needs several (LONG) days of writing/editing. I have not bought any clothes because I am still trying to lose weight.

    I did get my roots touched up, though;)
  12. I'm going into my second year of my Master's program. I just registered for classes today even though classes start next Tuesday. Sort of forgot to do that earlier. Whoops. I did buy two of the books I need.

    I don't really buy supplies. I've found it easier to keep all of my similiar subjects in one notebook rather than having a dozen notebooks half filled with notes. Now I have one notebook dedicated to Eastern European literature, but it covers the 4 classes I've taken so far in this program and one notebook for all of my policy courses.

    Enjoy the first day of class everyone!
  13. I'm going back to my second year of university. I'm really excited, as this year we're living in a house! But as I dont go back til October, I've not starting preparing anything yet :smile:
  14. Well now folks, you're killing me here! I'm feeling so old. I'm getting ready to go back to school but I'm the teacher! I absolutely refuse to step into the building until the first day. I'm leaving on Monday for a cruise and trying not to think about anything until I get back. I prepared everything in June so I can just walk in a work for the first month without even looking at a photocopier. I've done my back to school clothes shopping and now I'm ready to cruise. End of story.
  15. the semester starts next week. this Fall will be my FINAL SEMESTER:yahoo:! i'll be a part-time student, with only 2 classes, which is a bit of a laugh because one class is Choir, and the other is an online class, which is the class i need to graduate :lol:. so i only go to school on Wednesday and Thursday for Choir rehearsals :rochard: