Tell me why you like the legacy bags...

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  1. Ladies, here is the background, I am a new coachie (last 1 year) and seeing all you wonderful ladies talk about the legacy era bags, I went ahead and got a legacy shoulder bag and I do love it but its kinda heavy . I am also looking to buy a leigh, but wanted to ask you ladies why do you like it/dislike it? what is the right price for a pre owned one? any input will be very appreciated.
  2. i love love love legacy!!! the thick leather,the brass hardware. they are very classy designs. they look great dressed up or down. leigh is such a beauty.... great shoulder bag or hand held. i think the juniper is such a nice color i also love the sunflower yellow as well as raisin. of course black shes a classic. i just prefer colors!!! lol. what color are you looking to get?
  3. I am leaning towards black, does it tend to be too heavy?
  4. I have the Whiskey and I know I've said this before, but I find the weight comforting. A little reminder you're carrying Legacy :smile: I think the Legacy bags are just gorgeous. They have a classic design that should always be in style and the leather is second to none. Its so thick you can't hurt it and if you ever scratch it, it usually just rubs out. I could go on for hours. I love Legacy and especially the Leigh :smile:

    Weight kinda depends on the person. I don't think it's that heavy, but my bag rotation generally includes a Editorial Zoe and two Peytons, so to me its really not the heavy...
  5. I say...
    Whiskey is best. It gets better with age:


    Look at that leather...
    How can you not LOVE it... :love:
  6. also a pre owned leigh be aware of possible issues with the sealant edging. mainly on the leather weaved between the strap. if the bag was used heavily it may have these issues. price depends mostly on condition as well as color. whiskey or walnut seem to be the most common. a fair price would be $145-225 black $170-240 camel $170-200 juniper green $185-300 rose $175+ raisin $175-300 this is what i think is fair. also what i see them going for lately give or take. there are several colors some very hard to find. the rose,citron,sunflower,juniper,and raisin are the hardest to get ive heard
  7. i dont think its a heavy bag. all bags can be just depends what you put in them!
  8. i love the legacy because of the turnlocks, because of the leather, and because it is a modern twist to the old classics (that can still be ordered through CBSR, some of them).

    it just reminds me of a more luxurious bag, and the thick (albeit heavy) leather and hardware IMO justifies the price commanded (400-700$ range)

    its not overstyled so that you can't carry it for years but not plain enough that you'd get bored of it--

    its just done right.
  9. ooohhhh that bag is gorgy!!
  10. Thanks nite_fox, i was going to pay more than that for black. I will keep that inh mind.
  11. Must admit...I own 3 pairs of pants, about 7 shirts and 15 LEGACY BAGS. They are heavier then most but seriously the most amazing, to die for leather. Once I started carrying my Legacy bags, I can't "be happy" with another.
  12. I think it also depends on what you are willing to pay and how much you want it. Sometimes you can find a great deal. I have always loved legacy and although it can be heavy that is one of the trade offs that I was willing to take. The straps were also thicker which was great for me because I am a big girl.

    Coach's trend of late seems to be going for the lighter bags, i.e., poppy and that is fine for those who want a light weight bag but I msut admit that these bags are timeless and never go out of style - notice how many people still covet them. Good luck on your hunt and welcome to the legacy club.
  13. your welcome!
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    Like you I am a newer coachie and I "caught the bug" after the legacy bags were released. I was always kind of mystified by all the legacy-worship because they just looked like heavy, clunky bags to me. Then I was lucky enough to chance upon a black leather bridgit at the outlet and I loved it! Now I totally understand legacy-appreciation. The legacy bags just look like quality and they really make a statement and the leather is wonderful and the stripes are glorious!

    But I would also be concerned about the weight a larger legacy bag (althought I would probably still buy it if I had the chance!) If you occassionally wear a smaller convertible clutch you might take a look at a bridgit, then you can enjoy legacy without the weight concerns, and it is quite roomy for a smaller bag. Good luck!
  15. I mostly like the timeless look about them. And they have a classic, preppy look that I like to achieve sometimes. And I have always been a fan of excellent craftsmanship so there's that.