Technical issue

  1. Since the latest update, tPF crashes my computer on some threads, but not others.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. Hmm really? What operating system and browser are you using?
  3. Windows XPpro and it has happened using both IE and AOL on two separate machines.

    Ordinarily I assume that any problem that occurs online is an AOL problem, but the same thing is happening in IE and on both my notebook and my desktop.

    I have been experimenting and there is no particular pattern except that if I thread crashes my PC once, it will repeatedly, but if I can read a thread without a problem once, it will continue to be OK.
  4. It happened to me last week, so far so good this week. It was weird because if I clicked on some threads, my AOL will automatically shut down. However, if I used Internet Explorer, I did not experience this problem.
  5. I upgraded the forum software to the newest release, they fixed about a hundred bugs that may have caused the instabilities on your end. Let me know if anything else should happen.
  6. I actually had similiar issues as well..So far today is fine though.
  7. I had that happen several times too. Both on IE and Netscape. Hope it's fixed, too!
  8. It's been happening to me today like crazy-I use Firefox. I am on IE now-will see if this is better
  9. I thought I was in the clear, but it just happened a few minutes ago and my AOL shut down when I opened a thread. Just logged into Internet Explorer.
  10. Hmm when do you guys experience this, and what actually happens? Does your browser crash? I will have to do some investigating...

  11. For me it's the browser, Vlad.
  12. Ahhh hope Vlad can help you all figure out what this is!!!!!
  13. Can you be more specific please? E.g. which browser, operating system, and what you do when it crashes...
  14. Vlad,

    It has not happened on my old computer at work -- using Windows ME and and older version of AOL.

    On my home desktop:

    1. Running XPpro.
    a. Using AOL it will cause AOL to shut down, but not windows.

    b. Using IE it will cause the browser to disconnect and Windows to give
    me the infamous blue screen of death and an error message requiring re- start

    On my laptop:

    a. Running XPpro and using IE it does something weird, but I don't remember what, I am at work right now, but I will try it tonight and update you.

  15. i've been having problems signing in too! it was such a pain... 3 days without tpf! or at least w/o posting, i was only able to view threads as a guest (i couldn't sign in).

    this is what happens: i get signed out everytime i try to enter a subforum or a thread. and then i couldn't sign in.... for some reason im able to get in a couple of times today, including this one but it still acts up more often! :sad: i wonder what is happening???