Tanning beds... do you use them?

I have! Last year, in NE I went tanning at least 2-3x a week in the dead of winter. I did it partially because I have a skin condition on my arms that makes them a little bumpy in the cold dry weather, and tanning clears it up.... but I mostly did it because I LOVE being tan. :sad: I know all the risks, but self-tanners just don't deliver like actual tanning does.

I was out by the pool earlier. :-X
I don't. My skin tone is naturally medium to olive, and I tan easily, so I usually just lay out at the beach with SPF 15 on. I get super dark over the summer, I love it :nuts:
i sometimes do. when it gets really warm in the spring and i'm out on the river rowing it gets so sunny and i get major tanlines. but i don't really have anywhere to go and lay outside so i try to get rid of those pesky tanlines in my mom's tanning bed!

oh, but i tan soooooooo easily!
I'm light and tan only with short periods of gradual exposure. Three years ago I started doing the tanning beds verrry gradually after staying out of the sun for many years. Tanning bed worked great. Six months later my husband was in an operating room holding my hand while a large chunk of my scalp was taken out. It was benign. Back to SPF 9000. Not saying it was the tanning bed but...
Not a chance. My dad has had melanoma, twice. I don't go out of the house without sunscreen on, and if I know I'm going to have extended sun exposure, it's #45 for me.
Never, I'd like for skin to maintain it's elasticity, and decreae the skin cancer risk. So my roommate says that I look like a ghost, it's all good, a cancer free ghost !
Nope because I don't want to look like an old wrinkly bag when I'm older:lol: I have a naturally olive tone to my skin and I tan very fast in summer but I always use a face cream with high sun protection.
I lay out every day for 2 hours after my morning workout at the gym, then I go to my water aerobics class at 1pm. I am really dark and I KNOW it is bad...I get botox and I have a great skin care regime. As much as I know the sun is bad....I still lay out. I do use sunscreen and I also will use the sunbed if I don't have time to lay out.. So I am everything the doctors tell us not to be. :sad2:
i don'tz think it would make such a difference. i'm the nicole kidman/marcia cross kinda gal. i try and get the best out of it and take really good care of my skin and make sure i have at least an even skin tone. i have embraced my paleness :smile: