Taking in my Tivoli, wish me luck!

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  1. So I will be taking my Tivoli GM to the boutique either this evening or tomorrow morning. For those of you who have not seen, the leather by the zipper has cracked. Since every one of you think this is NOT normal, I am hoping I will be able to get in and out of the boutique without any hassle. My SA was AMAZING. And wouldn't you know, HE IS ON VACATION! NOOOO! I have had some experiences in the Lenox boutique with not-so-nice SA's. So I am REALLY nervous! My husband can be a bit of an a-hole at times, so I am hoping he will stay by my side and keep me strong lol. I am just afraid they will turn me away and tell me they cannot fix or replace my bag. But after 1 month, it should not be like this. I would hope it wouldn't look like this even after 1 year!

    Anyways, for those of you who have taken something defective back to the store, do you take the dustbag and receipt with you? I am just trying to prepare myself for this trip. Any tips? Like I said, I am really nervous. I am typically easily talked into something (don't let me deal with sales associates trying to talk me into buying something!) so I am afraid they'll convince me it is my fault and will just end up leaving! But dropping $1700 on a bag, and it is already cracked!

    Thanks for any advice and encouragement lol.
  2. Good luck!
  3. I went and checked my Tivoli and I do not think it looks like that. I can take a pic of mine if you want. I would go in being be nice and calm and explain the situation. If you are of unhappy with the resolution ask for a Manager. Decide what you want them to do and be firm with that decision. I have a tendency to start out angry and then backtrack. My DH is the calmer of the two and says always start out nice, you can get angry later....good luck and let us know what happens!
  4. Thank you so much! BTW, I love your mother's quote lol.

    *sigh* How old is your Tivoli? For that price point, I would expect the bag to last a lonnnng time! And I am not a rough person. I'm a SAHM, so my bags mostly just sit on my bed all day. But this advice is excellent. Your DH is right, there is always room for angriness later lol.
  5. I'm so sorry it's like that! I bought mine in may and rotate with other bags. Maybe they will give you a new bag!
  6. Good luck !
    I hope they can do something for you !
  7. I'm sure everything will work out fine, good luck. Hopefully you'll be coming home with a new bag!
  8. I'm curious to know what happened. I'm in Atlanta as well and have been saving for something. I don't which for sure. But I'm nervous to think the SA's aren't nice and helpful. I guess there is always Saks, but that is a smaller venue. I sure hope all is well for the OP!!
  9. So just to update everyone on my situation. I took my bag in yesterday afternoon. My Tivoli is being sent off to be looked at by the warehouse repair guy (or girl?) The two ladies who were helping me said that they could not give me a definite answer since they are not trained in that area, but they think they will probably just replace all the leather on my bag. She said there were 3 options: 1... they will deem the bag not repairable and I will be given a replacement. 2... they will remove the leather and replace all of it. 3... they will deem it NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR (UGH!) and then send it back to me with no repairs. She said worst care scenario they will send it back. But she doubts it will be considered wear and tear since it is only 1 month old. She did say, however, that glazing is the first thing to wear off a bag, and it happens all the time where women come in with glazing problems. So I'm hoping they won't consider it normal if it happens all the time. Unfortunately for me, it will take at least 6-8 weeks to hear back from them. She said, maybe sooner. But typically 6-8 weeks. OMG! I have to go the rest of the year without my first LVoe! Thank goodness I have the Favorite to hold me over until then, lol. My husband got a little feisty with them, expressing his disappointment for a bag of such price. He explained how LV is supposed to have superior craftmanship, and it already is falling apart! UGH! I'm just nervously waiting around. I was hoping I would be lucky enough to get an instant replacement, but she said they wouldn't replace without getting their expert advice since my bag is not too bad. SO... here I sit playing the waiting game, which sucks bad! Until I hear word back, I am going to be anxious. Idk why it takes 6-8 weeks for them to look at my bag and make a decision? I understand there are lots and lots and lots of bags, but 2 months just to take a look at it? Wow! Praying (lol yes, praying) for a good outcome. If they send it back to me as normal wear and tear, unfortunately, my LVoe affair will come to an end, and I'll refuse to do further business with them. But I'm not going to speculate that! Fingers crossed for a good outcome. Everytime my phone rings, I may answer it as: yes, LV people? Hahaha! I'll keep you all posted.
  10. If you go to Lenox, Claude who works in the handbags is SOOOO NICE! He is an older (not old, but older lol) black gentleman. He was SOOO extremely nice and patient and gave me a lot of good advice. And he was also very excited for me to be making my first handbag purchase. He also sent me a 'thank you' card in the mail for making my first purchase. They get SO busy in there at times, so I can understand why some SA's are not as nice, but still. We are spending a lot of $$$ so kindness should be a must! But definitely Claude. Another tPF friend who goes to Lenox said her SA's name was Christine. Idk what she looks like, but you may ask for her as well.
  11. What ended up happening with your Tivoli?
  12. hey LVlvoe_bug, the op posted a lengthy update like 2 posts up. looks like she is just waiting around. :tdown: no good. sorry for that luck. hope you get faster results op!
  13. Thanks so much! Somehow missed that post. Does not sound like fun. Hope it all works out!
  14. UPDATE: So I received a call from the repair lady from my boutique in Atlanta at 8:30 AM! She apologized for calling so early, but of course, I was THRILLED to get that call (although, half awake haha!) She asked me if it would be all right if they exchanged my bag with a NEW bag. She said she wanted to make sure I didn't have a tie to my old bag (maybe sentimental reasons?) and she wanted to make sure I wanted to keep that same style. I said of course, since that was my fave style. So she said she would personally inspect my new bag very closely then send it out FedEx that very day!!!!! Since Atlanta is only 2 hours away, and she was sending it out first thing this AM, I'm hoping I'll get it by Friday!!! I'm so ecstatic right now (happy dance, happy dance!) I was worried they were going to take 8 weeks and then say sorry, can't fix it. I told myself if they didn't fix things, my LVoe affair with LV will end. Thankfully, they took care of it lol. I'm so happy customer service and everyone at my boutique were so friendly! Relieved. Now I can relax, wait for my NEW Tivoli to arrive, and keep adding to my wishlist lol. Thank you guys for keeping up with me!!
  15. glad you got this taken care of so quickly. its always comforting to hear positive cs stories!