Summer bag

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  1. So Coach has broken my heart and cancelled my scribble demi roll because they sold more than they had --

    :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Any suggestions on a small summer shoulder bag? Budgets limited. Don't care what brand or if it's designer.
  2. [edit] Any feedback on suede bags?
  3. Hi abandonedimages, so sorry to hear about your disappointment re the Coach bag. As for summer bags, how about these two Lumiani cuties?

    1st bag $117-95 on offer until tomorrow, Friday.
    2nd bag $61-95 special offer until tomorrow
  4. The Lumiani raspberry colour - do you know if is that is in Suede, or smooth leather?:biggrin: It looks kind of shiny on the website.
    It's rather nice tho :love: :biggrin:
  5. Hi chicky, sorry to say I haven't seen the bag in real life. Was hoping someone here has bought a Lumiani and can give her opinion on quality of leather etc.
  6. Well hello again Ms. passerby! Ooh, I like these --
    Kinda bright, but cute and they even have the little feet I was asking you about before lol

    I think I might jump on this --
    You've got me really liking Lumiani!

    Thank you x 1000, I can always count on you for great advice!
  7. Abandonedimages, thanks for your kind words. I love the look of Lumiani bags.

    BTW it's really good fun looking for stuff on the net (knowing full well they won't be shipped here. Hmmm ...)

    Found these on, what do you think?
    1) and 2) are Kenneth Cole, 3 and 4) are Paolo de Lungo (Italian leather bags), 5) is Perlina. Prices: $89-99, $69-99, $79-99, $69-99 and $89-99 respectively.

    What colour do you have in mind?
  8. passerby --

    I really like all those styles except for the first one I think. I wish the green Perlina was a little bigger though (I throw a lot of junk in my purse lol) and it's handle looks a little too long compared to its body. No shipping? Where do you live if you dont mind me asking (you dont have to say)?

    Lol, and I'm liking the price range :P
  9. Singapore :biggrin: Recently, a few Tignanello bags were sold on smartbargains at a really bargain price of $20 each - needless to say, these were snapped up rather quickly.
  10. I picked this up this weekend. I got the small size. What a fun bag!

  11. More from ebags and

    Osgoode Marley $95 and $87-45 respectively.

    Time for zzz. Have fun, ladies.

  12. Absolutely adorable! I love the pics and the commentary! What a gorgeous girl you have. And be gentle, after all, she IS a blonde! :lol: :lol: