1. As some of you know...I definitely want to get a bag when we go to Vegas in 2 weeks (LV in LV) and kept thinking of the speedy. I think I will like the 30 better since I prefer big bags...BUT the handheld thing might get old. I have a toddler so I'm thinking that the Popincourt Haut might suit me better.

    What do you think? I really don't have to carry my daughter around.. just seems like it would be a hassle to have handheld rather than a shoulder bag when I'm with her. I guess it will be a spur of the moment decision...

    UGH..I hate when I can't make up my mind.
  2. I love my Speedy - it's my favorite bag, but I do understand with a toddler it might be hard - although you can throw it almost up to your elbow on your arm, leaving your hands a little free. What about a Batignolles, either horizontal or vertical? I have to admit, I don't care for the Popincort Haut (I got one and returned it because the clacking of the little balls when I walked drove me up a wall!) LOL.

    Congratulations on your trip - that sounds like so much fun!

    So, my vote goes for a Speedy, especially since you don't have to actually carry your daughter - by the way, she's darling! I miss that stage - mine are already almost grown!
  3. i'm a huge speedy fan, so hands down i'd go for a speedy any day..........

    i'm a mom too (of 2 naughty boys) and the handles have never gotten in the way, since you can carry it with your hand or go hands free and carry it with your elbow........

    and might i add it is a classic......
  4. The speedy is definitely a good choice, if you can live with the handles! If you go to LV at Caesars, see if Chieko is there. She is really nice! Have fun! :yes:
  5. the speedy is a MUST HAVE! i'm in love with mine (: but with a toddler, i say ya're better off with a shoulder bag for practical reasons. sometimes my speedy 30 can get pretty heavy.

    however, just try out the different bags at the store and see which one ya fall in love with!
  6. hi maxiemoo! what do you usually carry with you? if you carry a lot of stuff, the PH would probably be too small. there're so many good shoulder bags out there that might suit your need for a bigger shoulder bag - batignolles horizontal/vertical, cabas mezzo, vavin gm, etc. if you are also considering damier, how about the chelsea? it's worry-free! :yes:
  7. My vote is for the speedy! I find myself wearing it on my arm to keep my hands free ~ good luck on choosing!
  8. I usually carry, my framboise agenda (as wallet), small coach agenda, damier cosmetic case, cell phone. Sometimes I throw in stuff for my daughter. I have a damier Parioli already so I definitely wanted something in the Mono. I guess I'll wait to see what looks and feels best. I think the PH might be too small as well.

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
  9. ^I agree with sma11cat! Get a BH/BV or a Cabas Mezzo! They're roomy and shoulder bags! Good luck with your decision and have fun in Vegas!
  10. Speedy is ok coz you can put a lot of thing there but the Petite Noe would be very useful if you want to carry stuff for your daughter.

    The Petite Noe strap fit the shoulder very well, roomy for my stuff and my kids(both toddlers) stuff, ease of use, very versatile.

    I like the PN even more to have it in White MC and Monogram but I agree the speedy make you look better in shape
  11. the Batignolles Horizontal would be a good bag; it's very roomy and you can fit A LOT in there :yes:
  12. I know, I know I am the one dissenting opinion...I don't really like the speedy...I always try and choose shoulder bags.

    I like the BV alot, but BH is good too ;)

    Have fun in Vegas
  13. i love speedy! it's a classic.
    but yes, if you brong your child, and have to carry few other things on your hand, it can be a hassle.
  14. I'm not excited over speedys (except for the new damier azure line)...;)
  15. BH since ur a mummy =)