1. I'm looking to purchase a nice black shoulder bag. That will be my next bag. (I still have to save a lot!:girlsigh:)

    I now have the soufflot in mind but I would love to hear some other suggestions. I prefer black but it can also be an other colour to wear with black.
  2. hmm the only thing that comes to mind is the denim neo cabby.

    i think there's going to be new epi totes coming out this f/w season.
  3. Really? Can they allready be seen on the forum or do I have to wait?

    I really love the cabby and it's on the list but a lot of money for a denim bag. Maybe i would go for the baggy If that comes in black eventually?
  4. I could see the black denim cabby.
  5. Nevermind, found those epi totes. Don't really like those. A little too old and stif for me.
  6. What about the black epi petite Noe or the black Alma? The Alma can have a shoulder strap attached, and you could carry it both ways....
    then again, if youre petite, the epi Montaigne clutch is always a nice option...
  7. Does the bowling PM fits on the shoulder?
  8. i think if you're petite the montaigne pm could fit. there's also black suhali options.

    its tough when there's only epi in a classy black. if you're willing to wait, supposedly there's going to be more black denim styles.

    the next suggestion i can think of is amarante vernis.
  9. :yes:How about the Epi Montaigne Sac? I just got this and I love it! It looks great with the pastilles charm (key chain) on it...
  10. Go with the neo cabby MM. It's such a great bag!
  11. Neo Cabby
    Suhali Le Talenteux in black
  12. I was thinking exactly the same thing!:okay:
  13. ooh! neo cabby i think...

    but it depends on your lifestyle and what you plan to do in the next, say, 2-3 years? do you see your taste or needs changing any time soon? if not, scour elux and have a ball!
  14. I know it's not black but how bout a Saleya MM in Damier?