Suggestions for luxury everyday earrings

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  1. I'm not familiar with this studs and not my style. So I can't help you there. Are you only wanting to get luxury name earrings?

    Agree with @bunnycat

    This! :tup:
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  2. Another idea is to buy huggies and separate charms. Wear the basic huggies to work and add the charms for evening. Two totally different looks. Once you own the huggies you can buy different charms. This picture will give you an idea of what they look like on my ear. Check out Jude Francis earrings.
  3. I really like the stud form. Does the site state the size measurement? I purchased something similar recently but in turquoise stone instead of full pave.

    Do you own a lot of earrings?

    I think pearls would be great.

    You can purchase some inexpensive earrings and try them out. See what styles you like and what would suit you best.
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  4. Are you referring to the pictures that I posted? The studs are 13 mm size I think. For some reason they don’t look that spectacular when worn. Posting a pic.

    I don’t have many earrings at all. I just wanted a good everyday pair but that’s a little more special than ordinary.

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  5. This is the logical smart thing to do but is it weird that I’m such a sucker for designer / high end jewellery? I really appreciate everyone helping me understand that I’m being stupid and I should actually put that money to good use.
  6. I do really like the VCA mini frivole earrings in gold without pave (can’t afford that lol). They seem to be nice everyday wear but just a little bit more special than the ordinary gold earrings.
    If any one has any thoughts on these or already own these please let me know. Thanks so much!!!

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  7. I think these look lovely on you. They are softer than the frivole, which look a tad harsh on you IMO.
  8. If you don’t mind me asking, what country are you in? Any boutiques or department stores that sell high end jewelry you can try on?

    I have both mini and small Frivole. I love the small but sometimes when I want something to wear that’s more dainty I go for the mini. Frivole has more dimensions than the Alhambra. I have the sweet in onyx and the pave vintage.
  9. Really pretty. Where did you find them ?
  10. They really are!! I found them on Instagram. They’re by a brand called Yael Joaillerie. Really pretty stuff!
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  11. Sadly I’m based in a country where we don’t have good jewellery stores. The local stuff is abhorrent. Seriously horrible craftsmanship. And we don’t have Cartier, tiffanys VCA etc here either.

    I am looking for dainty everyday ones, would you recommend the VCA Frivole?
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  12. In case anyone is wondering what I bought in the end. I bought these earrings from a local jeweller for everyday wear.

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  13. Beautiful. They remind me of Harry Winston and graff cluster earrings. Would love to see mod shots
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  14. These look beautiful on you, and really big for the size!!!