Suggestions for luxury everyday earrings

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  1. Hi all,
    I’m looking to purchase a pair of luxury earrings (preferably from Tiffany’s, Cartier or VCA) that are dainty, beautiful and that would work for daily wear to the office etc. I have a budget of $4000. Any suggestions highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. A beautiful pair of VCA alhambra would be great!
  3. Are you looking for a luxury brand specifically? Or for boutique vendor super ideal cuts? If it is mainly that you want super high quality earrings, you'll get much more for your budget (and a generous upgrade policy) someplace like Whiteflash or Crafted by Infinity.
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  4. I vote for Tiffany Victoria earrings. They are gorgeous and sparkly. The size small would be great and around your price point, albeit a tiny bit higher.
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  5. This if it must be designer. But if it were me and I didn’t have diamond studs I’d look at non designer and get some kind of diamond stud. Good luck deciding.
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  6. Thank you for the suggestions, I do really like the idea of plain diamond studs but not right now.
    I do like a pair that’s not designer and was wondering if it’s something that I could wear everyday or would it be too much. Any comments would be appreciated.

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  7. I am in love with the Tiffany Victoria studs but I’m not sure about the size whether I should get the mini size or small. I want something dainty and not too overly feminine which is why I’m drawn more to the mini size but because I haven’t seen them in real life I am worried that they might be too small. I can’t visit a Tiffany store since we don’t have any in my country which is why I have to make all the estimates online.
  8. I guess it depends on your line of work and office setting? I work in a corporate setting and the picture you posted would look very distracting and seems fitting for outside of work IMO. I use either my diamond or pearl studs for daily work...both dainty and pretty.
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  9. If that pair of earrings is on the very small side maybe they could work for everyday. But they look super feminine so if your not going for that, maybe try something else?

    I think the Alhambra studs or the Cartier love hoops are the most classic and neutral of the big designer brand earrings.
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  10. I was worried about that! They’re more of a cocktail party vibes. I work at a law firm so similar rules apply I guess. Do you mind me asking what size your diamond studs are and are they plain solitaires?

    Also the earrings I posted earlier come in stud form too maybe I can get those.

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  11. Lol maybe my definition of what I think is feminine is completely warped. They are quite feminine you’re right! But I can’t help it I love things that are super extra! I actually wouldn’t mind wearing that work but I don’t know if they would suit me. I’ll def check out the Cartier love hoops, thanks for the suggestion!

    I have a pic of a blogger / YouTuber wearing the earrings I posted earlier. Maybe that would help guide how big they are.

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  12. Same setting ;)

    Solitaire with 3 prongs between 3.2-3.5mm. They're small but I received them as a bday gift years ago from work so I can't complain :amuse: How about pearl earrings? They're very nice for daily to casual to formal wear. My pearls studs are between 6-7mm.

    The floral stud form...entirely up to you but how big is it? I do client interviews so I don't or cringe at wearing something distracting in a meeting :lol:
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  13. Not an everyday earring to me.
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  14. I totally understand! I don’t want to wear something that distracts but do want to wear something that polishes the entire look.

    I’m thinking maybe the Alhambra studs. What size would you suggest?
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    Here's a pic of my first pair of daily wear studs that are super ideal hearts and arrows cuts. The tcw of them was .68 (I've got .82ctw studs now and working on saving to upgrade for 1ctw). I'd say these were absolutely perfect for daily wear, and were even comfortable if I fell asleep in them. The total cost, if I recall correctly was around $1000-1200 USD (I'd have to look it up). They were from Brian Gavin Diamonds (who was one of the original people to start Whiteflash before he went off on his own).

    I'd say simple studs or pearls are absolutely perfect for a conservative office setting. And the cost of a small pair (like .5ctw) ought to leave you enough budget to get a little something for fancy wear too with a luxe name behind it. Plus, if you go with a vendor like Whiteflash or CBI the upgrade policy is very very simple- just turn them in and spend more- no complicated double this or improve that to meet. So later on, you might decide that bigger studs are just fine too in an office. FWIW, I have 2 sets of holes and wear .82ctw and .5ctw when I am at work, or the .82 plus my pearl studs from Tiffany.

    .68ctw pair
    bgdear1.jpg bgdearshot2.jpg bgdear1.jpg