such sad really bummed out about it.

  1. so i was looking at pics like last night/this morning.

    and i had never really paid much attention to the inclusion stuff.

    well i saw pics of the beige PM & GM and OMG :nuts:

    fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so i was looking around and called 1866 find out it no longer being made....i missed the season ( i didnt know they came out with different colors every season....i thought they only made the bracelets once and had so many colors)

    i only found 1 beige one on eBay but it was like $500 from singapore and the person only had like 31 feedback it sounded sketch to me.

    But anyways IF ANYONE SEES ONE ONLINE OR WHERE EVER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW, either post the link here or pm it to me or whatever.

    Thanks soooo much. Im desperate to get one!

    does karenkooper or let-trade ever get stuff like that or only bags and stuff???
  2. That seller should be ok. She sold a USD2000 Louis Vuitton recently. branded mama right?

    Although it sounds expensive but actually iLouis Vuitton retails much more over Singapore. It costs about SGD650.. and if we uses paypal exchange rate of SGD1.5 to USD1, it's about USD433 and not to mention about eBay fees.

  3. I will keep my eyes open for you. I know Karen Kooper gets stuff like that, but there have been mixed reviews on tpf about KK so I would do a search and read through the threads on this topic. I have never used them so I have no advice. Let-trade gets very good reviews, but I am not sure if they get bracelets, etc. You could e-mail Let-trade, I know other people have done that and they have had good luck with them finding items for them, you may have to be a little patient though which I know is hard! I will look out for one for you though and PM you if one pops up, good luck!
  4. yeah thats the right seller.

    and i didnt know LV retailed more in some places than others. good to know. is USA the cheapest??

  5. aww thanks sooooo much! i really truly appreciate it!
  6. Aww. Cheer up cause I'm sure you'll find one out there! I'll be on the lookout for ya.;)

    I was feeling this way too...but by the time I got into the inclusions, it was already Transparent!
  7. thanks so much everyone. what sweethearts. :heart:

    (btw i just emailed let-trade from my eBay account so hopefully ill hear some good news)
  8. I think France is the cheapest. 20% +++ lesser than Singapore. Singapore prices are like 7% more than USA. :smile:
  9. i hope you find your inclusion of your dreams i cant wait to get mine.

    and i must go to france and buy some LV ! haha
  10. lol. i know right. lol.

    i hope i hope i hope.

    i emailed the ebay lady that wants $500 for it...we shall see what she emails me back.
  11. don't elux have any they often have things long after they sold out.
  12. i checked already luck
  13. they only had the framboise, transparent & pomme
  14. keep checking eluxury, as they pop up every now and then.
  15. so im thinking about getting that deep purple one (GM) to hold me over till i find my beige.

    now i want the beige GM & PM.

    ohh...when will it end?