stupid to buy 2 keepall 45's? one for...

  1. :confused1:

    i don't know if this is = OCD...but...

    im thinking of buying a keepall 45...

    i can use my wallet...normal...? but...for the keepall 45...because it has vachetta...etc...

    i have this thought of...if i buy one...i will baby it every second...

    but if i buy two...!

    i can use one like the rain...etc...experiment bag? lol

    and the second one...i museum it patina...etc...

    mmm...:push: don't know...

    how much does it cost to re-vachetta the bag? keepall 45...

    :push:i do~~~n't~~~ kno~~~w...!
  2. It costs quite a bit to have the vachetta replaced on a Keepall.

    It's a luggage piece, buy it, use it and enjoy it. Just avoid setting it down on a filthy floor or in a puddle of liquid.

    If you are really worried about the vachetta, go the Epi route instead - It won't last you as long as the Monogram Canvas, but it is very attractive, especially in brown.
  3. ^ITA- spray the vachetta with some form of protectant an use it like it was meant to be used. As long as you don't purposefully abuse it you'll be fine.
  4. :sad: the new-vachetta-ring...cost 50% of the bag? eg...better buying a new one...when you want the vachetta new-ed?

    anyone know the price?:push:
  5. When I went to have my Keepall 50 refurbished, the estimate was $460.00. I didn't proceed with the repairs.. I sold it on eBay and bought a new one instead.
  6. if you really worry about the vachetta, I'd go w/a used one first, and if you actually do use it often and is liking it, resell old ones and get a new one :yes:
  7. What about a Damier Keepall? That way you don't have to worry about the vachetta.I really love the look of the damier.
    But if you want a Mono one, I'd go with a used one first!
  8. actual to me that makes sense
  9. How about getting a monogram and an epi one - that's what I did! :p
  10. Buy the waterproof keepall and be done with it.
  11. YES ! (except at that price, you might as well get two)

    I'd get a mono and another one, like if you can find a tobago one, or just an epi or damier. That way you don't have to worry about the elements at all !
  12. I had the idea of doing this...had two for years...just sold one...I use the heck out of my older vachettaed one. It was foolish me to have two, one just sat and sat and sat. My husband DID NOT WANT to carry it.
  13. i shouldn't do that
    waste of money IMO
    just buy the damier keepall, no vachetta but VERRRRY gorgeous
    i used to baby my speedy 35 when i just got her, but then..i was in paris and it started to rain :p i freaked out!
    now i don't care and she is more beautiful then ever!
  14. I would get a Mono one and a Epi
  15. I would get a Mono one and a Damier one. Both size 50, with no straps. I have a keepall 45 now and it was my first real LV peice that has vachetta. It's totally my experiment bag. I've tried everything on that bag. Tanning, baby wipes, the whole nine yards.