Stupid Thieves

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  1. Well I took my gorgeous new black Tulita for it's first day out last Friday and when I came who just plopped in on the coach. That night thieves came into the house while I was asleep and pretty much cleaned out our second level! The took the JC and my Miu Miu! The next morning when I discovered the robbery I quickly ran outside to see if I could find the way they had gone and if they discarded any unwanted items. And there was my beautiful JC in the bushes :yahoo: and further down the street my Miu Miu, I guess they had no idea :roflmfao: they did nick of with my snake skin Furla wallet, thank god I was insured!
  2. I am so sorry to hear that - I'm glad you got your bags and that your okay.
  3. glad you got your bags back! Thieves can be idiots. My dad actually found a Gucci purse on the street that someone had snatched and dumped after they took the money out.
  4. Oh Sentavita, I am so sorry for you:wtf::crybaby:
    I am happy to hear you were able to recover your beloved bags, but what an awful violation:cursing: I hope you are able to recover the rest of your items and that the police can catch the idiots:tup:
  5. Yikes how upsetting! Glad you are ok .. and that they were clueless on your bags and that you found them! At least thats a relief .. goodness!
  6. Whew! I'm gald you and your purses are OK!
  7. haha, that was a little funny on the theives part and i'm totally sorry that u have to go through all the hassle of reporting and clearing the house. I myself had my LV white Mc pochette and a Dior wallet stolen from my hse in the same situation as u. Take care =)
  8. Good Lord! It is incredible! I m glad you are OK and that the bags are fine too.
  9. Sentavita, so sorry to hear! It is probably better you slept through the robbery. You are a lucky lady. On a lighter note, I am glad you have been enjoying your new choo and that you still have her.
  10. Wow that's scary. I'm so glad you're ok!
  11. OMG This is scary!! I'm glad your JC is safe!!
  12. OMG, that's scary, glad you got your stuff back though!
  13. wow, that is sad and happy at the same time. I am glad you and JC are safe.
  14. I'm so sorry, but the most important thing is that you're OK. Great that your JC and Miu Miu were found and that you were insured.