Stupid question number 2:

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  1. I am still looking to purchase my first LV and this forum has been an ENORMOUS help. Forgive me if this question has already been asked but I didn't have the time or patience to go over every thread in here.

    Question: Are all LV's made in France? Or are some manufactured here as well?

    Thanks in advance.:shame:
  2. LV is made in France, Spain, and USA.

    If I missed any, someone will fill us in, I'm sure :P
  3. Special editions of Louis Vuitton are made in Italy (e.g. the damier suvage line).

    Louis Vuitton watches are made in Switzerland.
  4. I saw one recently that was stamped "made in USA". It looked funny to me since I've only seen the "made in France" stamps.

    Stupid Question 2 1/2: Is the quality the same regardless of where it is manufactured? All the same standards?:huh:
  5. i would imagine same standards. that would be a tragedy if they were not equal.
  6. Same quality, of course some people do prefer to have a bag made in a certain place (e.g. if you're buying a French brand bag, why not have it actually come from France), but that's a personal preference.
  7. Agree:biggrin:
  8. LV has the same standards for all of it's production facilities. Personally I don't care where my LVs are from, if I get one from the USA it makes me happy that the US is cool enough to convince LV to have a production facility here.
  9. Can I get an amen??!! :biggrin:
  10. i wonder where this US production facility is...
  11. I was mad when my papillon said Made In USA. I thought it was fake so I called and the lady said they are made here. Is it me or do any you notice the ones made in France look better? Maybe it's just me.
  12. YES!!!:biggrin:
  13. I think I remember the SA saying that the production facility is somewhere in CA? Don't hold me to that though!
  14. LV is made in France,US, Spain, Italy, Switzerland,Italy and Germany. The US plant is in San Dimas California. V
  15. I never knew they made anything in Germany !! Thanks for sharing, any ideas as to what specific pieces (if any) ? :nuts: