1. [​IMG]

    Anyone have this and try it on their pochette (doubled) or on their denim speedy?

    I know one ot two members have used it on their mini noe :smile:
  2. I"ll have to try it on my pochetts. I tried it on my mini noe per your suggestion and I love it.
  3. Oh please post pic' with attached to your pochettes. I will do this once my arrives :smile: with luck it will be here by tuesday :smile:
  4. Here you go - you don't need to double it.
    I think that's a smart buy. Enjoy it and please post pics with your Popincourt when you receive it.
  5. Hirondelle - The strap looks great on your pochette. Now I'm debating whether to get the Trotteur or the strap for the pochette for the trip I'm going on. So undecided!
  6. Awesome thanks for the pic. I wouldnt wear my like that but just over my shoulder, thus the reason for doubling it. I will be sure to post pic's of the popincourt with the strap.
  7. WOW. I am really liking this piece! : )
  8. What exactly do you mean by doubling? Can you explain?
  9. Maybe this is a stupid question, (but I'm suffering with a migraine and not thinking clearly) how would you double it? I've been looking at the picture and just can't figure it out, lol!
  10. is this the same strap that comes w/Sophie?
  11. Instead of attaching the hook to each side of the bag, hook one side then slide the strap through the other d ring and hook it to the same d ring as the other hook.

    like this .. :smile:
    mini noe.jpeg
  12. Not sure if its the same or not, but the one I posted can be purchased alone for 155$ US
  13. Like this
    mini noe.jpeg
  14. Oh, I knew it would be something obvious that I just didn't get. That's great - it can be shorter or longer!
  15. i see a lot of girls using the longer strap on there pochettes around here. It looks really cute, i want to get a long strap so i can do this too.