Straight from 8th floor of Saks (CLs)

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  1. My very first pair of Christian Louboutins! :heart: The tortoise shells were ordered from and I just picked up the black pair yesterday. I try to avoid the 8th floor by any means (at the Saks on 5th). Nothing good can come from it :lol: but I was there visiting my friend/SA at Chanel and decided hey why not? :angel: So I went up to what I call 'shoe heaven' and picked up the black ones. I also have a pair of green patent peep toe pumps on the way. Will post pics once they arrive. :yes:

    BTW, my first pair of tortoise shell peep toes didn't fit so if anyone is a 10/40 well they're at Saks. Ask for Ryan.

    Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg Picture 007.jpg Picture 008.jpg Picture 009.jpg
  2. gorgeous!!!!
  3. awesome sho, congrats!
  4. wow, those are soo hot. Congrats
  5. Those are gorgeous! Congratulations. No matter how many times I see pics of CL shoes or even look at my own CL shoes, my heart skips a beat. They're just so beautiful.
  6. Congrats Tiffany, they are both beautiful. Wear them well.
    I like that Shoes on 8 = Shoe Heaven. So true, especially since the first thing you see when you get to Shoe Heaven is a huge CL display.
  7. Ohhhh very nice! I just got these in black patent and LOVE THEM!
  8. Congrats!!!
    Great Choices!!!
    Love them both!
  9. LoVE the black!!!
  10. I love that there is an express elevator straight to the 8th floor! That place is truly heaven on earth. Congrats on your first CLs. I would love to see pics of your patent green peep toes.
  11. do the black ones fit you?
    size up,down?
  12. I had to go up a whole size in the black ones. The tortoise pumps are still half a size too small but I was desperate. I popped in a shoe tree and tried them on the other day and they fit nicely but I have yet to try them out off carpet and for over five minutes. Stay tuned. lol :p

  13. The tortoise ones are so beautiful! I want a pair for myself!

  14. Congrats! They're beautiful! You can never have too many pairs of VPs!
  15. they're all gorgeous!!