Store Credit- Your Experience

  1. Can anyone share their knowledge or experience with store credit. If you have one from a certain store and you are looking for a item that perhaps another store may have are you able to use your credit? Will they transfer the item to the store where you have the credit? or do you have to purchase what that store has in their inventory?

    Thanks for your help:heart:
  2. You can use the credit at any US Hermes store.
  3. I am not sure about credits and the franchise stores. Are they transferable to company stores? And vice versa?
  4. Franchise Stores? Hum you can buy a Franchise Store?
    So they are privately owned? Wow you learn something new everyday:tup:
  5. i just woke up so let me see if i can explain this right:

    a credit from a corporate hermes can be used anywhere i believe. they give you the credit on a reciept which you must keep. to use it at another store you have to fax the store you're buying from a copy of the reciept (this is what i have done in the past at least). they will send you a copy of the reciept for the new things that has the remainder of your credit on it (assuming you spent less than you had to begin with).

    i know there is something else with franchises but i can't remember it right now. too foggy from sleeping.
  6. I thought you could use it at any corporate store, but not at a franchise store, but most of the stores are the former.
  7. I got a credit a few months ago and it was on a gift card. That made it really nice and easy to keep up with. I used it in two parts for items that were shipped to me and the store just deducted the amounts from the card.

    I was told that I could use it at any H in the U.S. No one mentioned anything about corporate stores or franchise stores, etc.
  8. i think there's some rule at a franchise like you can use it but pay the money and then they send you a check back or something. but most stores are coprprate so it's not such a biggie for most people.
  9. My experience and what I also believe to be 100% accurate since I have both a corporate and a franchise store by me and a very LARGE store credit with a Corp store. I shop at both stores so I constantly hear this...

    1. Corporate stores do not share their stock with franchise store (vise versa)
    2. Corporate stores can't even log in to see if a franchise store has a specific item in stock (only the 800 number can)
    3. If you shop with a franchise store, your information will not be shared on the main database computer of the corporate stores.
    4. Franchise stores will not accept a store credit from a Corp store (vice versa)
    5. Franchise store prices are a bit (tiny) different (higher) than a Corp store.

    And finally yes! You can buy into Hermes franchise..... BUT! Only the chairman of Hermes can approve it.
  10. Thank you :heart: you cleared things up!
  11. your very welcome :flowers:
  12. Is there a link for a list of franchise stores (I remember there is one for the corporate stores) ? thanks

  13. Exactly what I was recently told when I had my very high store credit. I also ordered over the phone at a different H than my store credit was from and only had to give the store credit number, I didn't have to fax the credit itself.
    Good luck!
  14. ^^ Rockerchic

    Was your store credit high? I was told that for my store credit I had to present it in person because the amount is over 10
  15. sorry but how do u know which stores are franchise and corporate? :confused1: