Stars/Public Figures and Hermes

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  1. I think i would have the very same look on my face if i was socialising with an ex and the woman who broke up my marriage :p
  2. Molly Sims credit: dailymail
    article-0-13DCD3F1000005DC-813_468x647.jpg article-0-13DCD41D000005DC-345_468x566.jpg article-0-13DCD409000005DC-747_468x641.jpg
  3. She´s so pretty, is she pregnant and has a little one too?
  4. Is this a 30cm birkin? I know it's a question of taste, but to my eye, it looks too small for her.
  5. When I see pictures like this, I always wonder: why don't the photographers put down their cameras and give the woman a hand?
  6. I like to think that the second they've got the shot they do, it would be pretty mean not to, wouldn't it.
  7. :rolleyes: While in town to attend shows during Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stop into the Hermes boutique and have their purchases carried out for them (July 3, 2012)
    Kim+and+Kanye+shop+Hermes+a-CDdgX0t6mx.jpg Kim+and+Kanye+shop+Hermes+jgTT3cInuUCx.jpg
  8. ^^ they look a little like birkin bag sized maybe :lol:
  9. She looks like the cat that licked the cream . . .
  10. Eeeewwwww!!!:lol:
  11. ^ Kayne is not looking too unhappy either
  12. Looking at these 2 I just wish I could press a fast forward button to get to the "He made me wear lots of black" "He said he loved me" etc etc....

  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. Lol. So true. She wears so much more black and does the whole matcha matcha thing. Wish she wouldn't conform to whatever man she is with.

    And that slicked back hair she has been wearing the past few days looks aweful.

    Looks like Kim got more bags. Ugh. :rolleyes: yes, I admit it...I'm a bit jealous ht he can walk in to these stores and walk out with multiple bags.
  15. I actually think KK has been looking pretty good with Kanye--Less makeup and simpler hair overall. But ITA about being able to swan into Hermes and out with lots of big orange boxes--I'm jealous, too. Say, does anybody else think KK is gonna have a baby with Kanye? Absolutely no reason for that prediction. Just a feeling. . . .
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