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    I have LOVED KR's style for a long time....I know most think her colors are boring, but I find it very exciting to put varying shades of white, taupe, beige, and greys next to each other. :lol:
  2. I am a huge KR fan. I love neutrals!! Making an outfit is so easy that way!
  3. I like how she sticks to what she likes and it looks good on her.
  4. I agree. Style is about more than photos. It's about perception, how that style is conceived, conveyed and received.
  5. La La Anthony out shopping at Curve in West Hollywood, California on July 25, 2012. credit: zimbio
    La+La+Vazquez+La+La+Vasquez+Out+Shopping+Curve+SiD_GdiVUeFx.jpg La+La+Vazquez+La+La+Vasquez+Out+Shopping+Curve+uQkFWlLhW3Sx.jpg La+La+Vazquez+La+La+Vasquez+Out+Shopping+Curve+n_hCMYbIyPlx.jpg
  6. Isn't it hot in LA right now? I'm always puzzled by people who wear leather boots in warm climates..
  7. ...... and so say all of us :p
  8. Closed due to length. Please continue here. :tup:
Thread Status:
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